Lake Mills, Wisconsin

Had Lowes commercial carpet installed by their people in my rental property. It's only 2 years old and its unraveling in every room and coming apart at seams.

Got run around from obnoxious man who claims to be installed sales manager. He made 3 appointments and did not show. Had me wasting time waiting for him. No apology, He asked if the tenants had pets.

I said they are not supposed to. He eventually denied the claim on his guess that tenant had a pet who damaged the carpet! Ugh.

Not surprisingly, the carpet is discontinued. Will not buy carpet there again, So glad I did not purchase their patio doors.

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Lowes is a nightmare, had services from hd, no prob, lowes nightmare from get go


Installers were clueless and unprofessional.

I thought there were plenty of people looking for jobs? Apparently not.

Also - wrong carpet was ordered by Lowe's salesperson, we then waited for several weeks for it to arrive and the installers carried PURPLE carpet into my house - dealing with the Lowe's staff is a nightmare. Last time.


Him failing to show up as scheduled is a terrible move. Customer appointments are the lifeline to handling all sales calls. Both prospective and issue handling.

I though to caution you that in the flooring business it will always be hard to have a claimed filed and awarded when it comes to dealing with Property Management situations.

If you are looking for quality serice find a Sherwin William in your area that handles flooring. Trust me they exist and are the best in the business in handling Property Management. They do not do residential, only multi family, new construction and property management.

Going back though to the issue at hand is always be mindful in what you are purchasing and make sure the individual you are speaking with knows what they are talking about and not just trying to sell you.

Good luck in the future and have a great day!

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