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i went to my Lowes store in Mooresville Indiana to buy a thermostat wire strand. When I went up to the hardware counter, there were 3 employees shooting the breeze.

Two of them sitting, one standing, and when I asked about the item I needed, I was told we don't carry it. So I walked around and bumped into another employee who told me that they DO have the item, and told me which aisle to go to, but did not offer to go and show me. I found the item 10min. later, and pushed the customer help button.

I waited more than 5 min, when an employee named Shane came over from the carpet area. I explained how I got terrible service from 4 employees, and Shane offered his apologies for that. He offered great service and got me on my way.

This is not the first time that I have encountered bad service, but my time is just as valuable as theirs. They need training.

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