Evans, Georgia

I have been with Lowe's forever and have never had problems on making payments thru my bank. Now they changed their billing address and I quickly got a couple months behind, no big deal I will just pay it and change the address.

But one problem because I was behind on payments their customer service from India or some Foreign country keeps calling wanting a payment now.

Are you serious Low's can not hire people that speak ENGLISH that's the problem you are arguing with someone that you ca not understand what a bunch of idiots they are the same as AT&T the same thing happened there as well. I am closing this account

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States #937333

just look out all their installer are going to be same way.they are getting read of all small guys that speak english loosing are jobs after 15 to20 years. 150% serves no bad jobs. so lowes sucks.


Wrong company. A bank owns and operates the card, not Lowes. You were made aware of this when you signed up for the card, but like all consumers you only hear what you want to hear.


Why are you complaining about Lowes. Lowes does not own your credit account.

You have an account with a credit company that issues a card with Lowes name on it. You should be complaining about them, not Lowes.

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