Scheduled delivery for stove for Monday December 7th,2020. Received a call Sunday night telling me stove arrived early, therefore, if I want I can get it delivered Monday Nov 30th.

I said, sure why not so the sales person Carol gave me a window of 8am-12pm.

Day 1: Nov 30th. I wait for delivery. No phone call no update. I call at 4pm and talked to a salesperson Kevin.

He looked up my order he said nothing was processed for delivery??? He offered to schedule another day. So I set it for Tues Dec 1st. No timeframe given.

He said someone will call me on Tues Dec 1st to provide delivery info.

Day 2: Dec 1st. Again I wait all day for delivery. Again, NO Phone call or any update.I call at 11:10 AM to get an update. They said all their notes indicated my stove is out for delivery.

4:37 PM still no delivery or phone call, again they confirm that it's on route. I call back again at 5:32 to get a timeframe of delivery. Manager said she contacted the delivery people and left them a message. She said if they don't call you by 7pm give us a call back.

I called back to Lowes and spoke with Itzel, she said she had a few delivery problems for today and looked up my order. All she knew was that the stove was out for delivery and the drivers had many deliveries to do. I understand that, but having delivery for a stove late night when customer is elderly and having a gas stove connected late night is not acceptable.

I will cancel my order and go elsewhere.

***Lowes needs to be more transparent on delivery and communicate with customers waiting on their appliance. We lost 2 full days of work, waiting, waiting and waiting.

User's recommendation: buy appliance and take home. don't bother for delivery they waste your time waiting, waiting and waiting.

Location: Chandler, Arizona

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