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To whom it may concern:

I am writing as a loyal Lowe's consumer of over 6 years. Lowe's is my main source of supplies for my maintenance company that services property management companies and Realtors within the Clarksville, TN area. Numerous concerns of mine have been supplied to Lowe's Store #498 of Clarksville, TN. I have expressed my concerns several times to management and to the Lowe's customer hotline ranging from delivery drivers not contacting customers in the morning before they leave for deliveries, to the rudeness of store employee staff, to the improper handling of orders I have placed.

The issues I am currently concerned with are as follows:

· I spent three (3) hours going through stacks of decking lumber to select specific deck boards for my own personal deck I am building. Once delivered it was apparent that it was not my selection. The wood was full of knots and the ends were split. It was not the lumber I took the time to personally hand select to be delivered to my home. When I contacted Mrs. S about this, I was advised it was because it was left outside. A week’s worth of weather is not the cause of knots or splitting; this was not a sufficient explanation.

· I have expressed concerns that management at this store have started requiring the Pro service techs to pull the orders they take in, thus making them unavailable when needed by the consumers they were hired to assist. I have been made to wait over an hour at the Pro desk for assistance on multiple occasions. When I place an order to be pulled by staff, I receive constant complaints and comments from staff that I need to pull my own orders. I have advised Mrs. S on numerous occasions that if she has an issue pulling my orders then she would need to take it up with Lowe's, her employer, as they are the ones that have advised she needs to pull the orders.

· I have also expressed concerns that I have not been receiving a phone call from the delivery techs the morning of deliveries. I work with property management companies and pay to have items delivered to their clients' residences for me to install. If I am not notified of the delivery, then I am not present when the delivery takes place. My clients are not responsible, nor are they expected to be there for the deliveries. Dangerous situations have occurred with home owners and techs. We have had several cases where this has occurred in the past. I have notified my Pro Service specialist of this and it still continues to be an issue.

· Recently I purchased a zero turn mower from Lowes that was returned to the store by another customer. The ticket on the mower specifically stated I was able to purchase the Lowes protection plan and that the mower came with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. I was informed that the mower was returned due to faulty transmission issues and was repaired by a Lowes approved vendor. Because it was returned Mrs. S informed me the protection plan was not available to purchase. Less than a week after I purchased the mower it would not start so I contacted the manufacturer who advised me the warranty would not be supported through them. I spoke with Mrs. S about this warranty and at that time she informed me it was only a 1-year warranty and it didn’t cover starting; it only covered the transmission. I spoke with the Pro service team at the Lowe's S. Clarksville Store #3003 who advised me that if the mower was repaired by a Lowe's vendor then I should have been offered the Lowe's protection plan, as well as the original manufacturer’s warranty. The mower was delivered with no paperwork. The original tag was removed from the mower before it was delivered to my house and I was charged the $20 delivery fee even though Lowe's’ ads clearly state mowers will have free delivery. Prior to the purchase, I originally spoke with Mrs. S regarding interest in the mower. She advised me that she had already spoken with Mr. D, the store manager, and he was not willing to discuss the mower with her. There was apparently an issue between her and the manager because she had purchased some appliances that were still in the back of the store. My wanting to purchase a mower had nothing to do with her personal issues with the manager. Also, upon the morning of the mower being delivered, I was called at 6:37 am and asked to confirm delivery of my mower. Mind you this was the following day that I purchased the mower. I was then contacted again at 7:44am that they were leaving the store to deliver it. Mrs. S messaged me to let me know that they would leave the mower with out my being present, but I would be responsible if it were to disappear. I expressed my concerns about calling a business customer so early in the morning to Mrs. S at exactly 7:30am. Then at 7:33am she refunded the mower from my LAR account without my knowledge and rebilled it to a gift card so it is no longer on my LAR account. She used the excuse that it was the wrong purchasing number and if she left it that way, they would send the store a new one. When I spoke to management at the S. Clarksville Lowe's, I was informed that was not the case nor correct procedure. After all of this happened, I then contacted Mr. DU, the assistant store manager at the Clarksville Lowe's where I purchased the mower, and the one I dealt with when I purchased it, and negotiated the price. I contacted Mr. DU to inform him of everything and that I think Mrs. S was upset with me regarding purchasing the mower because she wanted to purchase it herself. He advised me he did not think that was the case; however, all signs point to it being the case. I also advised him the tag was removed before it was delivered, and that I was not provided any information about the mower or the warranty. The hose attachment for the mower deck was missing, the positive line to the battery was loosened, and then after the fact, I was told it is only a one-year warranty, not a three-year and it only covers the transmission. Mr. DU advised he could not remember which mower I bought as he has sold so many of them. Mind you I am inside the store multiple times a day and know almost everyone who works there. I find it hard to believe that he could could not remember the mower I purchased as it was the first Husqvarna zero turn mower that had been returned.

After all of this happened, the next day I was contacted by Mrs. S again and advised that some metal roofing I had ordered was now on back order and would take an additional 2 weeks.

I also needed to special order 108 windows and asked if someone could be sent out to take a measurement of the windows to just double check my measurements. When speaking with Mrs. S about this she initially informed me Lowe's does not do this any longer. Then when she found out it was 108 special order windows she informed me someone would be going to the apartment complex on Friday and it would cost me $35. I had the option for it to go on my account or pay cash to the tech that showed up. I waited at the complex all day Friday and even contacted Mrs. S to inform I had not been contacted by the party coming to measure the windows. On Monday I advised her no one ever showed up. Mrs. S informed me that Mr. L, her manager, put the work order in and was supposed to be having someone contact me and that my account was not charged the fee. I have spoken with Mr. L several times over the phone in the past and he has been very rude and confrontational, and at one point even told me to google a question I had asked.

I have also placed several orders through and requested the order be taken to the Pro service station instead of the customer service desk because I always have other items being picked up at that location. Mrs. S has expressed that she does not appreciate having to pick up my items from the customer service desk and that I should do it on my own. In a world of contracting, time is money. I do not have the time to sit and wait for assistance at two separate stations. There is no reason for a Pro order to go to the customer service desk. I do feel this is a concern for many Pro users and why the website does not get more traffic.

Because of all of these issues I’ve dealt with in just the last few weeks, I have had no other choice than to find alternate suppliers. I contacted Home Depot and they sent someone right away to measure for the windows and it is free of charge. Because of the actions of Mrs. S , Mr. DU, and Mr. L of the Pro service station, Lowes has potentially lost a very large sale of 108 special order windows as well as my continued loyalty as a consumer.

I am requesting someone from corporate, or a regional manager, to contact me regarding the issues stated above because it is apparent that my concerns are not being addressed by management. I would like the situation handled. I have lost faith that this can be handled at the store level. Instead of hearing my valid complaints and using them as constructive criticism to improve a loyal customer’s experience at their store, I feel my complaints are being used to retaliate against me and I can no longer allow it to continue. If the situation does not improve I will be forced to start conducting business elsewhere.

If needed, I can provide a copy of the text messages between Mrs. S and me in regards to dealing with the lawnmower, as well as the dated and time stamped receipts from purchasing the mower. I would like the mower purchase investigated and I would like the extended protection plan on the mower that was stated on the paperwork for the mower as well as stated in Lowe's company policies and procedures. I would also like to know why Lowe's company policy was not used during their interactions with me in the case of the mower, as well as the special order of 108 windows. This is my final straw and contacting corporate is my final step in reconciling a relationship with Lowe's for future orders. If I am dealing with these types of situations because of improper management and retaliation from the Pro service team, I can only imagine other customers may be experiencing the same treatment.

Thank you,

Thomas Sweatland

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: All of the above.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Delivery techs, Pro service tech, Pro service manager.

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