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I went in to lowes in hammond,la to inquire about several job postings i saw on indeed.com i filled out a few over the last month or so then i recieved an email on august 7th saying were considering other applicants ok so i paid it no mind not even a day later i see about 8 new jobs posted on indeed.com an the lowes website so i filled out 4 this time for different openings friday aug 10th today is the 13th so i went to the store thinking i would give it a try to have better luck only to find that the H.R manager name Sarah was so rude to me for 1 i sat outside her office waiting only to speak to because several managers an workes at the front of the store when i came in directed to her so i thought she could help me but after an hour sitting outside her door because one of the managers told me i could wait to speak to her if i like to so i said cool ill wait because i was serious about the job so she open the door i walked to her door an said ms sarah she goes yea in a rude tone i said they sent me back to talk to u about an application i filled out on line she says who sent u back here again in a rude tone well the application process is when u fill it out online an if we review it an u qualify we will call u again in a rude tone so she knew how she talk to me was wrong i knew how the application process worked i just really wanted to give it a shot an come to the store to talk to someone because sometimes it proves to people that you really wanna work but Sarah in H.R was really really really rude to me she was disrespectful an such nasty person i didnt mean any harm im sorry if i bothered u i was just trying to get a job at lowes an become part of a team because im always there shopping an i always see the now hiring banner out front so i thought id give it a try so on my way out i stopped a lowes worker an described to them my experence with sarah an that person stated shes always like that an the worker wrote the 1800 lowes number down an told me i can complaint there my experence there today made me not want to ever step foot back at that place we have lowes accounts an all we buy off out lowes card an always pay back before time an this how i get treated.

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I really don't see why the didn't hire you. You seem to meet all the requirements for their salespeople.


Freaking hillarious!


I can see why they passed your on-line application over. If you don't even know how to spell the word you, I wouldn't think of hiring you either.

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