Cassatt, South Carolina
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I have bought everything from Lowes when I remodeled my whole house in the last few years. I always recieved A 10% discount from the management.

Recently I went to the Camden SC Lowes where I always go and wanted to purchase an trialer. And management told me that there is no way __she could give me anything off on it, I said I could go to The two notch store and get it. She said that would be fine, so I did go there and yes I did get my discount. She didnt even ask me if I was military for the discount guess that dosnt matter anymore.

Actually I think I was just the wrong color!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $599.

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There are always customers who spend way more than you do at Lowe's. You are not unique and you are not doing them a favor.

They own the product that you need. Based on your town/city you only have so many options.

More home improvement stores just means more monsters get a piece of you. You are a slave to corporate America and there's nothing you can do about it.


You must be purple to be playing the *** RACE CARD ***.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #134036

Looks like another crybaby here. Crying because they did not get what they want, somthing they are not entitled to. Something they think they are owed just because of who they are.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #133980

What makes you so special that you think anyone owes you a discount? It's self important people like you that salespeople love to avoid.

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