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The Lowes in Fenton, MO plays the worst music. It is so annoying that it makes me not want to shop there.

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The store level probably has No control over the what music is played at each Lowes location. The choice of music played probably is up to Senior Management or Corporate. So your complaint is with their Senior Management or Corporate, Not the store level.


If you have ever been in a store without background music you will find that odd as well. Unfortunately everyone has different tastes in music.

The person next to you in the store may love what they are hearing. You just need to learn to be more tolerant.


I agree with you. It's just like every time I stay at one of the "No-Tell" Motels, I CAN'T STAND the smell of the cooked curry that the rooms and the office reek of.

But I realize that the people that run the place absolutely love it. I've never even tried it myself, so how do I know that it is disgusting if I am simply judging it by it's awful smell?