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My wife and I purchased a high end Samsung washer from Lowes. We purchased an Extended Warranty Service Plan with it. Within 2.5 years the Samsung washer broke down. We did not really think that much of it since we had and extended service plan. We called Lowes and they did send out a service repair person from a service partner. That person told us that this machine is famous for breaking down and that the part need to fix it, the bearing and a new basket, is not available. He said he would reach out to Lowes and they would contact me.

Lowes did indeed contract me, to send another person out to look at the machine. I thought fine, a second opinion, not a problem. The guy was out in just a few days. He agreed with the diagnosis of the first Lowes repairman but did not say anythying about the quality fo the machine, nor the availility fo the part. We got a call from Lowes a day or two later saying that they have reached out to Samsung and would hear back in 48 hours. I figured great, they will confirm the part is not available and we would get the machine replaced, or at least they would find the part and fix it promptly. After all, all we want is a working washing machine.

48 hours pass and no word from Lowes. At 72 hours I call Lowes back and they tell me that they did hear from Samsung and the response was unclear so they did not call us because there was nothing to tell. Yes there was, any update on progress is good customer service and opposed to total silence, even it is bad new. Samsung told Lowes that they were unware if they had the part or not in one of their remote locations but they did not know of one. However they would looks.

Please remember that my service plan is with Lowes, not Samsung. So I asked Lowes, what their service level agreement was with Samsung. Lowes said Samsung will take as long as they take and they will not solve my problem until they hear back. I asked them to replace my washing machine because their representative told me the part was not available and the machine was not worth fixing. Lowes had the audacity to tell me that I was not eligible for a replace yet. In order to be eligible for a replacement, we need to have the same issue at least 4 times and that the replacement would have to come from Samsung not them and they did not know how long the whole process would take or what the next steps were.

Besides the horrible customer service, Lowes is not living up to the spirt of the extended service plan as sold. All I want is a working washing machine. We paid extra for that protection from Lowes, not Samsung. Lowes is not living up to sales promise or spirt of the extended service plan that we purchases through them and blaming Samsung for the delay. Lowes completely misrepresented what we bought from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

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You realize Lowe’s does not own or manufacture Samsung products? Lowe’s clearly states that appliances have a 30 day return/replace policy, after that you are under the manufacturer warranty and/or the extended protection plan from Lowe’s depending on if the protection plan started from date of purchase or picked up when the manufacturer warranty ended.

Lowe’s sends out a 3rd party repairman of Samsung’s choosing to repair you product, if after 4 service calls it cannot be repaired, it is up to Samsung to buyback (replace) the product.

All of this is in the extended protection plan booklet ( terms and conditions) you should have received when you purchased your product. So yes while Lowe’s is responsible for repairs under the plan, they are not responsible for replacing your product as it is not their product, but Samsung’s.


You could sue Lowe's in small claims court altho you may have to wait until Lowe's actually refuses to live up to the extended warranty agreement or refuses to contact you for a period of time about a repair. Bottom line, tho is to make sure you never buy from Lowe's again and never buy one of those extended warranties from any store for anything.

In the future, remember it is usually best to buy a basic, no bells and whistles appliance and when it breaks and you cannot fix it yourself just throw it out and buy a new one. Good luck.


Every consumer report about extended warranties that I have ever read in my life says that they are almost always a bad deal. All of these people who buy them must not read the same publications that I do, or listen to any any kind of consumer shows on the radio or watch them on Television.

You're almost always better off just saving your money for when and if you ever need a repair. Then, if you don't ever need a repair it is like found money.