Hazard, Kentucky

I had ordered a Fridge over the phone. I had a harbor freight 20% off coupon that they applied to my order; since they honor competitors coupons.

I was given the total before hanging up and when I check my bank the following day I was over charged by $150. I contacted customer service and she apologized and called the management at the Lowe's in Nicholasville, KY. She advised me I had to drive up there so she could apply the credit back to my card. This is a hour and a half round trip for me.

I arrived and was advised only 10% was taken off the total amount and not the 20%. I had asked her if she could compensate in anyway for the inconvenience. She said no because if I had not ordered off the internet this would have never had happened in the most rudest tone. Surprised by her response I replied I had ordered from a customer service rep over the phone and not off the internet and was given a the correct price over the phone but charged differently.

Rolling her eyes at me she still stated "first of all" we would not because they applied a coupon that was not Lowe's in the first place. Taken back by her response again I told her I thought that was part of Lowe's policy anyway and in no way was this my fault. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told he was on vacation so I said I'll be back when he returns. She THEN gave me a $20 gift card because I had to come all the way to correct a problem that was done by them.

I then left the store and they had still gotten the price wrong. So, I called customer care and they called that location and was advised by the same AM that she would do nothing further for me. I advised Summer that I wanted to open a claim on the way I was treated by her and that I was still owed money. She then got back on the phone one more time with the AM and she now says the only way she will pay me is if I show the coupon (even though it's already in the system where I ordered it) when its dropped off and I will get a check, or it will not be refunded.

This is ***, if it was done correct the first time I would received the discount with no problem. Now I get an attitude from the AM ALSO, per the AM if I don't present the coupon for a SECOND time I will not get a refund?!

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I've never ever had a bad experience with any Lowes I went to...but things happen I suppose. I mean, you were given a discount after all so...


Harbor Freight does not sell Fridges. Next time when using a name capitalize it like your teachers taught you in elementary school.

I'm shocked you were giving a discount in the first place. My store would need the coupon in hand to prove it was real. My store would also require it to be the exact same item, this includes model numbers matched. Several reasons they should have not accepted a coupon in the first place is; they expire, they have limitations listed on them, and so on.

Lowes did nothing wrong.

I applaud the person who gave you attitude. To many times people like you come in screaming and treating others horribly.

Dallas, Texas, United States #568679

So what's the problem? If you have the coupon and they've compensated you for your troubles, why wouldn't you just give them the coupon?? Unless.........


Sounds like a bunch of BS to me. Why would Lowes honor a coupon for a Fridge from a competitor who doesn't sell them?

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