I just left the lowes in port richmond phila. pa., I made a purchase and total came out to $10:47 and was told they have no change and they will charge me $11 .

I asked for a store credit recite but was told noway . the cashier call the manage when I said no give me a credit and she told me again they have no change and I had to accept this or pay with credit or get out. I paid with credit but this is a bad policy you are adding cash for nothing with no recourse and never getting a return on the extra money .Would you round off in my direction .47 cents no way! Now i understand no change but no store has change, if you have none here then offer credit cards for the difference that we must spend at store next time not pay up or get out.

How much extra is the store making with this policy ? hundreds /thousands !!

I'll pay what I owe you you pay what you owe me and everyone else no more NO LESS. rsvp vito tilotta (vit101a@***.net)

User's recommendation: bring change.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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This Is Not store policy at Any store The Federal Reserve and the banks Do Not have coins to provide businesses with. So, Complain to the Federal Reserve instead of complaining to Any business which has No control over What the Federal Reserve chooses to do. Their contact information is found online.


I take it you don't pay any attention to the news. This is happening in a lot of stores as banks don't have change to send to stores.

It is suggested that you pay with a card rather than cash. Pay attention to the news and you wouldn't have to be complaining.

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