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It depends in which store you shop at no how you are treated. I am on my 2nd bad *** eater.

This is Huskvarna worked great the first 2 months then started blowing oil out the exhaust like a sieve. The store manager said without the receipt there was nothing they could do but send it off an I would be stuck with the bill. The person in front of me came in to return some paint an told them he had no receipt an he was told thats ok just go back an get what you want. Why one is ok an then something else not to say the least I am pissed.

The store in question is on Hanes Blvd in Winston Salem. Its good to know that Home depot is across the street cause it looks like I will be trading with them from now on.

An all of my freinds are going to know an anyone else for that matter. John Everhart

Monetary Loss: $235.

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the manager at that store lied. granted their return policy on gas power equipment is 30 days (on receipt) that trimmer is covered under manufacture warranty for at least a year and lowe's can have it repaired at no cost to you.

and in worst case i guarantee their vendor would give them credit on it so you could get a new one.

if you came to my store we would have done it, 2 months is ridiculous. nothing a call to corporate cant fix

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