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I purchased the Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum from Lowes Just over a year ago. We had a house fire and lost our washer and dryer.

We looked at a number of stores trying to find the best ones that we could. We went to Lowes and the sales lady I spoke with there talked me out of the front loaders that I wanted, she said this set of washer and dryers were much better then the ones we were looking at. She said that the washer was the best on the market and if she were to have kids still at home she would get this one because it has the biggest drum in a washer that you can buy. We were just moving in our new place so we hadn't used the washer very much.

A few months after we got them I called in and had a service man come out. The washer was not cleaning our clothes and the dryer won't even take my own hair off the clothes. The service man said Lowes hooked up the hot and cold incorrectly and to try this that he was sure that it was the problem. He also told me in this large washer all I could wash at one time was 4 to 5 shirts or 3 or 4 pants and even though we have the big drum not enough water is put into the wash to clean the clothes.

I put every wash on the heavy duty and extra rinse and still nothing comes clean. I use bleach on my whites and all of them are now cream nothing is white any more. I will also use oxy clean and that does not help either. I even took clothes over to our neighbors house, she has a front loader and asked her to wash the load and her washer cleaned our clothes.

I called the same serviceman, he came back out and said nothing was wrong that Maytag top loaders do not clean clothes well and it is working the best it will. This is the worst set of washer and dryers I have ever used. They do not clean even the simplest marks and stains on clothes.

All our clothes are ruined from these washer and dryers. I don't know who to talk to or where to go but I want a different washer and dryer that actually cleans our clothes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Replacement with a different washer and dryer.

Lowes Cons: False info from your sales pro.

  • defective products
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My Maytag top loads work great.


Hey look at it this way! At least the salesperson at Lowe's got her bonus commission from Maytag!

That's why she way pushing that Washer dryer set! Kind of makes you yearn for the old days when local appliance retailers took some accountability for their actions.

To bad they've all gone out of business because of cheapskates like you!