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I bought a troy built pony from Lowes about 6 months ago. It's failed twice.

I also had the so-called service agreement. Never once did they pay up. First time they claimed it was my fault for using gas with ethanol. Well they never said anything about not using ethanol juiced gas until AFTER I bought the mower.

I started using the non-ethanol gas even though I have to drive 5 mi to find a non-ethanol gas source. Didn't keep receipts, so when the transaxle fails they give me the same song and dance about not using ethanol and I can't prove them wrong so I am screwed again. I thought using ethanol gas was good for the environment? Isn't forcing people to look around for non-ethanol gas an EPA violation?

Somebody needs to put this company down for good, legally that is. What about a class action suit against Troy and Lowes?

Lowes sells garbage and de-frauds their customer’s worst than any store I've ever shopped at. If I were you I would steer clear of anything with the name on it.

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It's quite clearly common sense. It will even say this in your book. Not knowing how to care for your product before you buy it is your own fault.

to Anonymous Melbourne, Florida, United States #775526

To anonymous (who is probably a Lowes manager or a stockholder) Nowhere in the service manual or in the service contract is it written to only use non-ethanol gas. Your service agreement makes no mention of this.

Also I used a Sears Kohl 17 HP riding lawn mower for 10 years on ethanol juiced gas with ABSOLUTELY no problems. I sold it because it was too big for .75 acre yard and thought I would save money buying the Toy from Lowest of the Lowes. Everyone I know that uses a real lawnmower from Sears or Toro, and does not own a Troy toy, uses ethanol juiced gas.

Yes I do blame Lowes and Troy for selling junk and lying about it.

If you work for Lowes than you should consider finding a new place to work because they are going down hill fast.

The point is not that the mower is a piece of junk.

The point is Lowes LIED in their service contract. The point is the Lowes service rep lied to me by omission.

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Chuck Sampson

to Chuck Sampson #777206

Actually I work for sears. And in the owners Manuel of anything with gas powered small engines it tells you this.

In the contract it says it doesn't cover abuse or neglect. You neglected they didn't cover just like they said.


The gas with ethanol absorbs water over time. This can cause a number of problems in a small engine.

If enough water is absorbed the gas won't burn properly. It can also cause internal rust. It's ok in your car as you burn through it fast enough not to cause a problem. In a mower it may sit in the tank a week or two between mowing.

Then you fill the tank from a gas can that has been sitting as well. It's only common sense to use gas without ethanol in you equipment with small engines.

to Anonymous #773506

`It may be common sense to you anonymous, but not everyone is a mechanic. Besides, whether or not I used ethanol gas is not the point.

The point is I was not made aware of this issue with ethanol until after the sale of both the mower and the service contract.

The service contract makes no mention of the use of ethanol gas.

I could take them to small claims if I had the time.

The most important point is that Lowes does not honor their service agreements and they stole 900.00 from me and my family by selling me this piece of junk.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #762590

Common mistake by those who want to "save the planet." Using ethanol is never a good idea for any gasoline engine. The higher the concentration of ethanol in the gas mix the more likely you will cause harm.

Remember this when you fill up your auto. Even one labelled "flex fuel" is at risk and the new ethanol mix of something like 85% ethanol is really causing people problems. It is what it is. Buy a good old gasoline engine or a two stroke and get on with life.

The planet will survive. But, don't complain about Lowe's.

But, you should feel really good knowing you at least tried to save the planet, don't you? Even if it costs you extra???

to nikalseyn #773509

I don't know, maybe you think it's funny when someone rips another person off, but I don't. I work hard for the money I make and I don't like it when people or company's like LOwes rip me off.

They stole 900.00 from me just as sure as someone sticking a gun in my face and taking the money from my pocket. The service made no mention of using ethanol gas.

They lied. End of story.

to nikalseyn #778470

I don't know the source of your info, but I am using ethanol juiced gas for my car, and guess what, it's still running strong. Never had any problems.

Done no harm to my car whatsoever. Lasts longer too.

You don't care about putting any effort toward saving the planet, do you? Gotcha

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