Bel Air, Maryland
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I purchased "Therma Tru" patio doors from Lowes. They were a special order and came within the promised time frame.

HOWEVER....the doors were not Therma Tru...they were actually TruLogistic (a company created by Lowes and Therma Tru to sell cheap doors at a price point that would attract customers. Instead of the wood adjustable threshold it was cheap plastic that would not even hold the throw bolt. The hinges and strike plates were not recessed neatly, a five year-old could do better!! The window trim was crooked and multiple other issues occurred.

I called when the doors were delivered and they refused to return them and said they would refer the issue to the warranty department.

Two months later I had to threaten legal action for them to take them back and refund my money. Safe yourself a lot of time and stress and shop elsewhere!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Sounds like a crock of BS to me, Bel Air, Maryland!!! Lowes always takes returns, even if they're special order items. Any decent person knows it doesn't take threatening legal action to get results from Lowes.


Based on the information you have given joemd,it certainly sounds like you went in to Lowes with an intended item for purchase.You probably sat down and went over many different door options,but already knew what you wanted in a door.Also what you wanted to pay for it.After reviewing all your options and now knowing that only certain manufacturers offer certain configurations,and also putting price way down on the list,you decide to go with the lower brand Benchmark by Thermatru.Now that is just like going into the Lexus dealership and buying the Toyota Corolla and complaing that it does not perform as well,and is not made as well as the Lexus LS 460.Even a five year old has his standards,but please do not blame anyone but yourself for not doing your homework.In this day and age there is too much information out there to be ignorant!

to The All Knowing #1203702

Well said!


I ordered windows, and they ordered new construction instead of replacement - by accident. So, they improvised and floated a window in expanding foam with NO FRAME!

They ripped my window frame out. Now Pat Reilly is giving me a different song and dance every time I talk to him. Heywood Peyton was the one tat placed the order. But Pat's major priority seems to be to protect Heywood, defending every mistake he made.

Thanks Alpharetta GA Lowes. Thanks for taking $6,000 and leaving me with the wrong model, wrong size and wrong installation.

And your installer, Right Angle, they should have known something was wrong and not improvised. Next time, I will call a NARI member!!!!


You wanted to buy a therma tru door but you are cheap so you bought another brand that was cheaper and got exactly what you paid for.


the components sent to replace the poor quality components were in worse condition than the existing components. The service technician showed me the paperwork that showed they were actually TruLogistic doors and not Therma-Tru doors as sold by the salesperson at the store.

to joemd Bellingham, Washington, United States #595056

You really did not do your homework. TLI (True Logistic) is Therma-Tru!

TLI is the prehang department for Therma-Tru doors. ALL UNDER SAME ROOF!


Still have not received my refund for the doors. The person that came out to "fix" the doors even said they were *** and showed even more problems with them!


Benchmark by Therma-Tru is a product line of Therma-Tru Corp. Benchmark by Therma-Tru is sold exclusively at Lowe’s, and offers both patio door systems and entry door systems.

During an inspection performed by our contracted service company, we did confirm several issues in the purchased products that did not meet our quality standards. We did attempt to resolve the issues with your door systems, but were unable to do so to your satisfaction. As a result, we issued full credit on the product in January. If you need further assistance, please contact us at 866-584-3668.


Amanda Nine

Sr. Customer Care Agent


Kinda like working a job one isn't suited for because one made *** decision after *** decision in life. Oh well, there's always cigarettes and tattoos or maybe a new peircing. I deal with people like you every day.


You wanted to buy a therma tru door but did not want to pay the price so you bought another brand that was cheaper and got what you paid for. I deal with people like you every day.

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