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I purchased a GE washer in 2007 from Lowes in Easley, SC. I was sold a protection plan promising to "repair or replace" the washer if the washer failed. It failed two weeks ago. The washer was deemed "too expensive to repair." So they refunded me the purchase price from 2 years ago.

So, I got neither "repair" nor "replace," I got a "refund" of the sale price. Today I cannot purchase a similar new washer for that same price. Lowes salesmen make promises that Lowes never intends to keep. When talking to the company Lowes uses was a waste of time.

Beware of purchasing appliances from Lowes

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Get over it, they are give you the money to buy a new machine....


R u serious they refunded you the money but u complain u should go and get a *** because u are a retard. The problem with America is u!

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #112903

What the heck are you complaining about? They refunded you purchase price.

I have notice most washing machines are dropping in price and you are probably looking at a machine with more or improved features.

Be happy they gave you a full refund and buy a brand new machine. Just think, if they had fixed it you would have a 2 year old machine rather than a BRAND SPANKING NEW one.


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