Belleville, Michigan
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We had Lowes install a barn/shed. $5,ooo.oo

We decided to pour a slab instead of a footer with the wood flooring on top.

The contractor-Heartland Sheds decided we didn't need that wood floor kit and didnt deliver it.

We contacted Lowes they agreed that all materials from the shed kit should have been delivered to us.

After 2 or 3 days of phone tag, my husband threatened to call an attorney if the materials for the floor kit were not delivered. They did deliver a load of materials the next monday.

I told Lowe's I WOULD NEVER build anything with LOWES or HEARTLAND again...ever. D. Cook

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The complainers here have given next to no detail... I don't give negative reviews without exhaustive detail much credit - meaning, to what degree did customers express themselves and/or take copious notes to back up their complaints.


Unfortunately, we ordered one of their sheds. We have also been playing phone tag because of the delivery.

It was supposed to have been delivered Monday. We called and were told it would be here the next day. Well, THAT didn't happen and here it is Thursday and no delivery.

We are not going to sit around WAITING for their phone call that they're delivering. I think we are going to call and cancel the whole order.


I too am having a problem with Heartland shed from Lowes. I bought the heartland shed from Lowes.

I paid extra to have it installed and painted. The guy or the installer put the shed up but did not finish it. He returned the next day and only put the roofing on. He said he did not know when he would be back to finish it.

I called the customer service number and got a run around.

They said it will be a couple of weeks before he will come back to finish it. I am going to try to contact the home office.


Im sure they care


Same feelings with oh so similar problems.


I am sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced. In most cases, when the installers become aware that a customer would like the shed built on a concrete pad, rather than building a wooden floor, the parts are substituted with a sill plate and anchor bolts.

The sill plate and anchor bolts are then used to secure the shed to the concrete pad in a way that will keep the concrete as the floor. I sincerely apologize if at some point it was miscommunicated that a floor was not preferred.

This is definitely something that the installer should have verified.

I hope at this point your problems have been corrected, but if not please reach out to customer service directly at 800-577-9663 so that we can do our part to ensure you are satisfied with the product and have received everything that comes with your shed.


Heartland is not to be trusted. I bought an install out of Sioux Falls MN.

They took $4500 from me and then called two weeks later to say, sorry, we don't install in Pipestone MN. What?Thanks for wasting my time and taking my money.

I'm at a loss for words. However, thief comes to mind.


I am an installer for Heartland Shed in the Pittsburgh area. I just wanted to clarify a few things.

Lowes is the retailer for our product. We follow their instructions. But the person that the customer talks to isn't always educated on the product and NEVER really knows the details of how the sheds are assembled. We do attach sheds to slabs without the framed floor.

We also set sheds complete with framed floors onto slabs. That is up to the customer. Keep in mind that although the floor frame, which is made of pressure treated lumber, is included with the shed kit, the sheeting is not. Customers can choose between ether OSB plywood or pressure treated flooring.

HOWEVER... as an installer my customer comes first and from our branch here in Pgh. we always show up with the floor frame and I ask the customer if they want it. Obviously they might choose to use the wood for something else and the bottom line is that they paid for it and it belongs to them.

I have even done work on the side for my customers such as building a ramp etc. So for the record the problem is Lowes. A lack of knowledge about the product and a lack of communication. We have issues with Lowes as well.

They are a big company and rarely accept responsibility for anything. As an installer I share your frustration. Just wanted you to know that. Anyone considering buying shed from Lowes would be wise to ask for the phone number of the local branch where the shed or playset is coming from and communicate directly with them.

Skip the middle man! if you do that I'm sure you will be satisfied with your purchase.


Good info.


Heartland sheds Are ***


my shed leaked bc they did not put :( felt paper or seal the skylights! Buyer beware


wasn't lowes falt... it was the contractor.... lowes is the best i have to pass 2 home depos to get to the lowes near me....



I was looking for an honest review of the heartland shed products. Your post did not help.

Basically what you are stating is that your are a ***. How much of that $5k was the slab? Why do you need a wood floor too? The only reason the contractor did not just call you a *** *** and walk was the fact that he milked you for commission on $5k.

Was this a gift for your husband or is he as clueless as you are?


You do not have any need for a wood floor over a concrete slab. You need one or the other, but not both.

You are an ***. Lowes or the contractor did nothing wrong.


Sounds like Lowes is better off without your business. Let's see: they never argued that you shouldn't get your flooring material After some pressuring on Heartland, you got your flooring a few days later.

Is there something wrong with the shed or its construction? Did you not eventually get all the materials you paid for?


Goodmommy, if you hired Lowes then Lowes is responsible to you. Any subs that Lowes hires are responsible to them. Lowes can't sub out their responsibility.


Debfoxfire, I read your complaint and I can tell you exactly what happened. Forgive me for being blunt but being blunt is the only way I know how to be.

You are ignorant and don't know the first thing about building. If you have a slab already poured then you don't need the wood flooring. That doesn't mean that you can't opt to have it put on top of the slab but honestly you really don't need it installed. As far as your husband calling and threatening to hire an attorney goes, that is just a big joke.

Your shed came with a few sheets of OSB.

Give me a break. Do you really think Lowes tried to stiff you on a few sheets of OSB?


There is a problem with large corporations contracting out jobs and or delivery and not taking on responsibility of what service is given to the consumer. It is Lowe's good name on the line they should be proactive in customer satisfaction!


Don't sign off on something before checking it out.

Joe B

Blame the contractor, not Lowe's. The contractors are sub-contracted from Lowe's and they accept responsibility and liability on everything.