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My husband and I are newlyweds, and I moved into his house. Because his house was a bachelor pad before I moved in, we both agreed that it needed some work.


We went to Lowes, and spend over $9,000 on:

- new floors for the whole house,

- a bathroom vanity,

- a bathroom light fixture,

- a faucet,

- a toilet, and

- a ceiling fan.

The only thing they had in-store was the faucet. I was told that the fan, vanity, light fixture, and toilet would be 5-7 business days.

The floors would take up to 2 weeks, because they had half the boxes they needed in their store, and they wanted to get floors that matched that lot from another store.

I hired a contractor to install my fan, vanity, faucet, and light fixture. I paid Lowes for installation on the toilet.


The fan came in on schedule, but the vanity, toilet, and light fixture were missing. My contractor installed the fan.


My toilet, vanity, and light fixture were no where to be found. So, I called. My toilet was in the store, but no one had called to let me know. I asked them to install the toilet, and they did promptly. Still missing the vanity and light fixture.


My vanity and light fixture were still nowhere to be found. It is now two weeks late. I called the store, and spoke with Ryan. He informed me that Lowes actually oversold my vanity. The distribution center had ZERO vanities, and 68 orders. So they had -68. He upgraded my order to an emergency order. It was supposed to take 5-7 more days.

Also, my floors are supposed to be in at this point, but they are not. I am told that it is taking a while because they want to make sure that all the boxes are from the same lot.


I still haven't heard anything about my floors, vanity, or light. I called Lowes and and a woman who claimed to be a manager told me that she didn't have time to speak with me and would call me back. She never did.

I found out later that she was not a manager.

I called the next day. I spoke with Darren who informed me that my order for the vanity and light was no longer in the system. He said he would check around and see what happened and then call me back. He never did.

I went in that night to find out that my order had been deleted from the system. I was told that another manager must have "cycled it out".

Also I found out that my vanity and light were already in the store, but I had not been notified because my order had been deleted. I took it home and had to hire my contractor to come out again. I received just enough of a discount on the vanity to cover the service fee of my contractor's second visit.


HALF of the flooring that I need for my house is delivered.


The other half of my flooring is delivered. We set a date for installation.




Instal is set to begin Monday morning. Monday, the installers come in and are professional and prepared. Then they tell me that the floors are from four different lots, and that they don't match up and will not fit together. Some of them are even different colors. If they install them, the manufacturer warranty and the installer's warranty will be voided.


I called the manager on duty who tells me that he is sorry and will try to match some of the lots that we already have, OR I can wait another two weeks for a matching order from the manufacturer.

I AM FURIOUS. But, I don't know what my dollar loss is. I have lost WEEKS of time, and STILL don't have a product to show for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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