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My remodel of 2 1/2 baths was scheduled to take from November 20th to February 8th. A lengthily timeline but we were assured they "usually" finish ahead of schedule.

It took to July 3rd before I unfortunately signed off under the assumption I would get a refund of 50% of inventory supplied by Lowes (Because of the delay which their staff caused by ordering the wrong shower pan.) The sign off person from Lowes stated she saw no problem with getting the refund considering Lowes caused the delay and the inconveniences we suffered.

The contractor would work for a few days then not show for a few days, took guys off the job to work other jobs. When the shower pan issue was discovered all work stopped. We were without a full master from November 20th until mid April.

If I was not retired and able to be present there would have been many more mistakes made in the process. The communication was poor, men came to job site with no idea of the project scope.

A water line was moved and the pipe was redirected right against the exterior wall, no insulation. Fortunately I saw this before it was covered up. Just an expample, many other isssues in the process.

In the end I asked for a meeting with the store manager because my request for a refund was denied by him. I signed off on the job so everything was okay by him.

He started the meeting by telling me I was not getting any money, good customer relations. The meeting did not go well from that point on, I should have walked out. Even hearing about the delays caused by his staff, me without a bath for months and the project taking three times the scheduled timeline. In the end he offered a goodwill amount to refund me and said there would be no more.

I took the offer and of course had to sign a waiver of all future liability.

After getting the money I went to Lowes corperate customer service. They were very nice but just resubmitted my issue to the same store manager who of course said no again.

I went back to corperate and they agrre and said I wouldn't get anything because I signed for the first token.

And of course Lowes gets their money up front so I have no recourse at all. I assume I will not get further reimbursement from Lowes but I needed to get this out there to warn others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Bathroom Remodeling.

Reason of review: Project oversght.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Project managementscheduling.

  • Customer Service Failure
  • Bad Installation Services
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