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I am retired and have to split my payments up during the month, between myself and my husband who is also on a fixed income. I didn't understand about the billing periods.

Just thought as long as I made the total payment before the due date, that was sufficient. Because they said I didn't make a $40.00 payment during the billing period, they charged me an extra $100.00. I had already paid $100.00 and had set up the $40.00 online to be paid before the due date.

So I just had to put off other necessities to pay them $240.00 or be charged another big fee. I am going to find a way to pay them off and close the account!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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don't worry they will close the account for you without their so called notice that never ever arrives.


There is such a thing as making a payment too soon. If you made the payment after the previous due date but before the end of the billing period (usually a few days apart) your payment would have been credited to the previous billing period and show no payment was made for the current period.