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Be careful of how your are being charged. We were looking to upgrade our guest bedroom and wanted to our end carpet. Having been in the industry we went in knowing there will be waste as carpet is manufactured in 12ft widths. Where they get you is on the sundries.

It is reasonable to expect charges for items such as furniture moving @ $60.00 per room, padding @ .85 a sf, needed for any install and removal of carpet @ .36 a sf. All of these including the $35.00 for site measurement which is credited toward the order. Seems reasonable and standard business practice.

What becomes a perception of hidden extra costs is the calculation of the extras. Fixed costs such as furniture moving and site visits are fine. However the calculations for removal and padding are based on what you PURCHASE! So the waste that you are purchasing on the carpet becomes unearned profit for Lowes! For example if you purchase 260 sf for a room but the actual room is 212 sf the 48 sf of removal (which is not there) and padding which comes in six foot widths are really hidden costs.

I personally do not pay for items I do not use. This coupled with the fact that the estimator had the incorrect carpet on the order (most expensive)' always get a medium carpet and better padding, it saves lists of dollars and performance does not suffer, resulted in an increase of over 25% from the original estimate.

No sale for you Lowes.....

Be honest, be straight, train your sales people.....carpet is a commodity, it is all made in NW Georgia in about five plants. No big differences her except service and honesty.

No sale for you Lowes!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Estimate.

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