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My wife and I purchased a storeage cabient and where charged 10 dollars by the cashier for assembling the cabniet,it was in a box,we put it together at home,I think this was outragest,it was plane to see the cabient was still in the box,I felt ripped off,my wife returned to the storge in White marsh Md,and brought this to the attention of the manager,even though the 10 dollars was returned ,the time and gas will never be replaced,i felt let down by Lowes,I will in the future shop at home depoit

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

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The cashier was really an undercover thief and was told to rip off every 3rd customer that day! Wow you did good detective grumpy butt!

It was an error, She didnt know any better and you were refunded. When Home depot has and accident do us a favor and get on here and make sure to give us all the gory details so we can laugh at you again


Jaysparks I love your comment =) Maybe Meast could use the ten books to buy some humble pie


If this is the way you do at all stores that make mistakes you are going to need to learn to can your own foods, hunt for meat and sew your own clothes. cause you will run out of places to shop. 18 to 20 year old cashiers do make mistakes.


Now that you have that extra ten bucks, you can use it to take some grammar lessons.

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