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I called the manager of Lowe's to complain about the operator mocking me over the phone and laughing at my ent, his answer to me was "I apologize, but she has worked here for 7 years and they have never received a complaint about her, and that she was probably laughing about something else." Can we really call this an apology, no, I did not call it an apology because basically or in little words he was telling me I was lying or I was wrong, I taught the customer was always right. Not at Lowe's.

I just tried to complaint about the way I was treated and to my surprise I was also belittled by the manager. Not a happy customer and will never shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Yeah Wednesday morning I said hello to her.. no response


Cashier at commercial exit has a serious attitude


This is the worst Lowes in the state! I heard hey just fired their best manager - the other guys sucks & you never get a straight answer.

I always asked for Tom - & never heard anything negative about him. Get it together lost a top notch employee:-(


I've found that most of the time when people say they will never shop somewhere again they are right back in there the next week.


The customer is almost never right. I highly suggest you drop that entitled attitude. You must realize you're dealing with people and cannot treat them like garbage because your the customer.

Tuxedo Park, New York, United States #809579

I'm lol at u for being ***

Dallas, Texas, United States #809510

Ha ha ha!!! Im laughing at you too! GROW UP


They weren't calling you a liar. They were making it clear you were mistaken. Grow up wussy.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #809422

i would hardly call the way the manager spoke to you as "belittling" do you even know what the definition is?

i've had a hard copy of the oxford dictionary for some time and it says the same thing.

so yes you can call it an apology you clearly said he said "i apologize" at the beginning of it. just because it's not the one YOU wanted doesn't make it a NON apology.

he was trying to explain how he had a GOOD employee without a complaint before and was trying to explain how she was more likely laughing at something else not your "ent" whatever that is btw i have NO idea.

he didn't say you were wrong but mistaken. there is a difference.

mistaken wrong very different as you can see if you read them he was clearly telling you that you were mistaken not that you were wrong or lying. next i think you mean "i THOUGHT the customer was always right" not "i taught the customer was always right" that i'm afraid is NOT true it's a marketing gimmick made up to keep customers complacent and make them feel more valuable then they are on a small scale. true every customer should matter to ANY business.

but large corporations like Lowe's and others in the end ONE person really isn't all that important to them. so long as they meet the bottom line for the more important person which is the stockholders. so in closing i'd also like to link this too belittle i link that because you claim they belittled you because they gave you an apology you didn't accept as one and an explanation you took the wrong way making you think they were telling you were wrong or lying. if you were really this upset you should have gone to Lowe's and looked up their corporate contact info and complained there.

i know for a fact no company wants to get a call from their coporate offices over customer relations issues. it's a nightmare for all.

oh and one more thing just what the *** is the "ent" that you claim the person was laughing about? i'd like to know


She was laughing at your ent? What is an ent?

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