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I went into Lowes on the 22nd to return some items that I had previously purchased I dont have credit cards I have a debit card and I pay with cash they were seven other customer standing behind me I have my daughter with me and shes three and they pretty much told me that I stole these items that I didnt never purchased them. To the items are like a roofing material theyre like 2 foot wide by 12 feet long and theyre telling me I stole the stuff within weeks prior to me coming in for the visit which I could not find my receipt that I paid for two trim boards to the flooring that I have purchased there so I didnt steal them.

I was so unbelievably embarrassed. They told me I had to call a stupid number on the receipt to ask why they were not going to be returned. I called him follow the instructions on the other automated end of that phone call and I never received a call within 24 hours to tell me why they could not be returned Im still waiting today is February 3rd. I called and physically filed a complaint had one lady on the phone and shes the one that told me I had to follow the instructions on the receipt I shop there locally I purchased a home 23 years ago in the area that is my go to but from now on it is not and we live in a small town so I let everybody know the customer service that I received at our local Lowes.

Even though I will never shop in your store ever again nor will my family I want that phone call and tell me why my items cannot be returned. I wasnt asking for cash because I was in there to pick up about 22 siding boards for a house that Im flipping. In which I took my business elsewhere and these items that I was returning probably right around $100 mark so that was a big loss on your end.

I have worked and I still work in customer service with our local community I provide a service to many local customers and Ive never downgraded anybody the way your store did me Jackson California.

I was asking down below if I have a photo or video proves you can call the Jackson Lowes it happen on the 22nd because I had to deal with also a manager at the same time fighting back tears and all these people staring at me like I stole these big old long items I told them I will never shop here again I cant believe you made me feel this way I cant believe you actually told me I stole these in a nice calm voice I did tell him to fuck off. My number 1-20*-663-****.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $5100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Pros: Going to the store.

Location: 12071 Industry Boulevard, Jackson, CA 95685

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stop lyeing


Flipping houses? I know this person personaly and chose not to she is very diffacult to deal with and is always a victum in these situations.

I dont think that i can write her name down in case of slander but she doesnt flip real estate nor is she in the buissiness of doing so. It is a embarrasement for crooks like this to rase a red flag and get there way. Im glad that management stuck to there policy and even happier that she didnt get her way as she feels shes always right. this person swingled me out of the work performed and was lying in this statement about 40 sheets of sideing id laugh in her face.

she still continues to shop lowes despite her in accuerate testamony.

Im sick of people like this screwing it up for all the honest people. you should be ashamed of yourself!


They didn't tell you that you stole them. They told you that they couldn't be returned without a receipt. Don't be dramatic.


You are going to find the same problems at other stores when you make returns without receipts. Unfortunately a lot of things, even large items are stolen.

The only way you can prove you actually paid for them is to bring your receipt with you.

Most stores limit the number of returns or set a $ limit on the size of a return that they will accept without receipts. Learn to keep your receipts until your projects are complete or the warranty expires and you will have a much smoother return process.


Get a statement from your bank showing the charge for the purchase. It won't prove what you bought but it should show the exact information about it that the bank has. Lowes may then be able to then locate their copy of your receipt

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