Chantilly, Virginia
Not resolved

It's been impossible for me to locate a repair shop that will work on any lawn equipment that I purchased from Lowe's. Lowe's won't even repair their own equipment, according to employees at their Eastchase (DFW) store.

I made the mistake of buying one motor and several attachments, all of which are useless now (they're only about 2 years old, with moderate use around my house) since the motor apparently can't be repaired (the pull cord broke). This Lowe's did offer to throw the equipment away for me though - very generous of them - and sell me the same junk again. Yes, I'm angy and blowing off steam, but would not have purchased any lawn equipment from them had I known that it is not worth repairing once broken. The employees of that Lowe's also seemed to be very indifferent regarding their quality of service, particularly the assistant manager.

Lowe's is done with you once you leave the store. Next time it's Home Depot, Sears, anywhere but Lowe's.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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