Knoxville, Tennessee

My experience with Lowes' carpet installation was shocking and insulting to decent, honest people. Thankfully, I halted my purchase and will never buy carpet from Lowes.

On a room that measured 11' 4" by 19' 4" (rounded up to 12' by 20' - 240 square feet), Lowes told me I needed 300 hundred square feet of carpet from a 12-foot carpet roll. Using a 15-foot carpet roll, Lowes told me I needed 375 square feet of carpeting to cover 240 square feet!!

Further, when I asked for the measurement chart for which I'd paid $35, I was told I couldn't have it and that I'd only paid for the estimate, not the drawings! Buyer Beware of this overmeasurement tactic.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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Same thing here. Way over on measurement. When Lowes runs a carpet special which

includes carpet, pad, move furniture, haul away old carpet at one low price - beware.

They recoup their money for all these extras by quoting more square feet than you really need!

to Anonymous #1444192

We just had a measurement done for ourselves. It came in way high.

Two rooms thats all and they're not connected. Even though it is free install, move furniture, take away. They nickel and dime you for everything. Apparently it costs more to install on cement (tack strips still in place) to cut out for the fireplace is another charge labeled as custom, also you will find out yes they will take it away but you will need to pay for the dump charge.

And a charge for upholstery? Even sales department didn't understand that one. But here's the hilarious part...I ask the salesman why is the measurements different than the last time they installed. Wait for it...he said that things change over the years.

Hum apparently our 36 yr old cement floor has grown. I understand stand if he was saying something about the carpet but he wasn't. We showed him our 7 yr old lowes reciept showing the measure before. This isn't our first rodeo, at one time we even installed carpet and rent the stetchers.

We are replacing flooring downstairs because of water damage. Salesman said he would call estimator and figure it out.

I think we might just take the 61.00 loss for the estimate (oh ya it also costs more to measure cement, would of been 45.00) . Not feeling very confident, but darn I wanted that PET carpet.


Was quoted an estimate for twice the actual Sq feet. Had the floor measured by 2 other contractors and an insurance adjuster.

Lowes tells me they have to go by what the measurement is that their person did.

Awful experience. I want my 35 dollars back


I'm a flooring installer for Lowes. The figures the gave you are correct. Sometimes customers only like the 15' wide selection of carpet and the waste amount is up to there budget and discretion.


is 15' x 14' and 9' x 10' 385 sq ft no it is 300 sq right


I'm not happy either. I just found out that I paid for 550 sq ft of carpet for about 360 sq ft of floor.

I understand some leftover, but a 8x10, 6x5, 5x5 and several other pieces that could have been used in closets (not normal closets. only 3 ft high) Also, I was charged for the padding for the same, but there was no scrap pieces at all.

Should have let the contractor do it. I thought he was high, but turns out he was cheaper..........

Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania, United States #214956

Seriously you customers need to research things before they come in blindly. If you only knew what goes on then you would be more inclined to be nice.

You can't come in and want Special Order carpet that week installed and you have to realize that if you just ask to get the difference of your waste taken out of the cost of the pad then we will lay down and do it. God!

to jeff.zaun #1126163

Not true. We are forced to go by your measurements. They are high compared to what is actually needed.


I just got a quote from Lowes, and it is clear that they make it a policy to avoid seaming under the excuse "we need to be able to warrant our carpet install for 1 year, and seams can fail". Of course a properly done seam is very unlikely to fail, so the excuse does not hold water.

In my case, the carpet install is now inflated by $100 in order to avoid this overblown "warranty issue".

This is equivalent to charging me $100 for a 1 year warranty on carpet install. Ripoff

to Dan #1360921

I'm a carpet installer and I can tell you that you always want to avoid seams. It doesn't matter how well it is done it will start to show/come apart eventually. The fact that they are trying to limit the number of seams is to your benefit.


Hah!! look whos talking about integrity, 30 + yrs of hands on installation Go spew your poison somewhere eles. :) or aleast know who and what your talking about.


Mr. Lowes Employee, A 12' wide carpet x 20' long will also install this room with no seams, and it will do so without leaving a useless 60 sq/ft remnant to clog a landfill with.

Apparently you need to learn math and business ethics, and please, do not call yourself a flooring specialist, you work at Lowes.

You probably never installed flooring in your entire life. If you want to be a flooring specialist, go work at an independant flooring dealer where you will learn the business and some integrity.

to SN Burlington, North Carolina, United States #890702

ok folks enough is enough...I am a carpet installer, owner and operator, for 42 years last 18 years were with Lowes in Burlington, NC...LOWES COVERS THEIR *** in every contract...BUT NEVER, NEVER, AT THE EXPENSE OF THE CUSTOMER....if the carpet fails, the manufactor takes care of it with warranties..."Lowes covered"....if the installation fails, in one year, the original installer takes care of it....if for some reason a second installer is needed to fix the problem, then Lowes will deduct that expense from the first installers monies....again "LOWES IS COVERED"....BUT NEVER NEVER AT THE CUSTOMERS EXPENSE.....except for a headache...

as for your purchase: stay intouch with your associate about your order...since they do not work the same hours everday, find out from the "flooring dept." desk when they will be in to work, and wait to talk to them and only them....NEVER have two associates handling your purchase....Believe me I know...Lowes has it's share of screw-ups, but they are a good place to do business with.....tom

to SN #1360922

The amount of excess carpet asked for also accounts for seam placement & making sure the carpet runs the same way (so it will look uniform).


You sir, need to learn to add. a 15ft carpet will install your room with no seams.

yes you will have alot of leftover carpet unless they seam it. please get educated before spewing your poison here.

I am a LOWES flooring specialist and educate people like you everyday. :)My customers dont leave mad or confused, only happy.

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