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I should have known better to use Lowes to re-roof my house, but I did anyway. I got five quotes from local roofing companies and all were within a two-hundred dollars of each other, but with a Lowes credit card in hand, I could finance it with no interest for eighteen months. That was in August 2015.

My old roof had a few leaks and is was at least twenty-five years old. The installation specialist at SW Tallahassee, FL, Lowes was one heck of a nice guy and he got me all set up to have their sub-contracted roofing company come in and perform then work. As expected, once the old roof was torn off, a few sheets of roof decking required replacement. Once completed, the job looked great and the job site was left clean. With my new roof in place with its 50-year architectural shingles and high-tech stick down under layment, I felt like my roof worries were over.

Fast forwards to August 2018. I was in our guest bedroom and noticed a small brown spot on the ceiling. I put my finger on it and it felt dry and thought it was an old spot from before the roof was replaced that had bled through through my ceiling spot touch-up paint job and thought little of it. Now it's December 2018 and the spot has gotten larger. With that, I borrowed a moisture meter and found the drywall to be totally wet in that area. During the next rainstorm I went into attic and saw water dripping through what appeared to be a moldy section of roof decking.

Since practically all roofing companies offer a five-year or longer workmanship warranty, I called Lowe's. They quickly pointed out that the Lowes roof warranty is only ONE YEAR and that I can go away now. I told them that the roof had to be leaking since it was installed, but I didn't notice it until now. It appears to me that when the roof was installed, the roofers missed a rotted piece of roof decking and when the shingles were nailed down in the rotted section, a nail or two punched a nail-head hole all the way through the shingle(s) and under layment.

But all of this is on me. Now I have to get a roofing company to tear off that section of roofing, replace the decking in that area and install new under layment and shingles - on a three-year old roof and at my expense.

I should have know better to use Lowes and you should know better, too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Roofing.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Lowes Pro Service to repair their defective workmanship.

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