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From the start to the end of my experience in ordering GE Profile range and range hood, Lowes dropped the ball. I shopped online and ordered those items by phone from our local store; the person in appliances told me I'd get the receipt in the mail; it never came.

If only that were all; the first attempt to deliver the range by the agreed date failed; it was rescheduled for three days later. As a compensation for the missed delivery, the Lowes manager agreed to have the range hood installed for free, which was satisfactory to me.

Two days later the installer arrived. While I was elsewhere, he placed the range hood box on my new range, somehow managed to bump a know that turned a back burner on high, and set the box on fire. I come from the back room to a house full of noxious smoke, ash and embers on my kitchen floor, and a box on fire in my front yard. The house still smelled like an incinerator two days later, and the back burner was ruined with melted waxy material permanently scorched on.

Of course, Lowes agred to replace the range. When I hadn't heard from them about a delivery date for that, and it was time to pay the credit card bill with the charge on it, I worked with my credit card company to do a chargeback. Having their money taken back finally got their attention.

However, here I still sit, 48 days after first ordering this item, waiting fo them to deliver the exchanged range. They said it would come in the morning; at 11;30 I called delivery, to find that a "glitch in the system" kept it from going out.

Despite the individual efforts of some people I worked with there (and you never of course work with the same person) to sincerely make thing right,I believe that LOWES is really the glitch in the system. Shop Menards, shop Home Depot; just please, don't give them your business!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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