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In the store on Main Street in Las Cruces, left wallet in the bathroom sitting on the toliet paper dispenser, when I went back to try and retrieve it got the run, around, also when I went into use the facility there was a young man janitor, asked him to let me use the bathroom he left the ladies room, when done he had to have noticed my wallet, never turned in the purse=wallet, none of the clerks except the blond lady tried to help me so I could talk to the police concerning the matter what poor service one of the women at the return desk went even so far as to harass me, all in all a really poor bunch of knuckleheaded *** who have no intention of doing a good job or trying to help customers with issues like this=are they also a bunch of ripoffs, the woman with the suntan certainly acted like on. 3/19/20 around 5pm mountain time.

Jeez is this the best this corporation can do, we've spent alotta money at this store,extremely disappointing. Made a police report with office Thomas of the Las Cruces Police Department, seems we were never offered a chance to question the janitor who was cleaning the ladies room before+after I left the facility.

User's recommendation: Don't shop at this store, we've had other things dropped, like military I.D. and keys only to have these issues do the "deep six", and be completely ignored by most of these idiots.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Would be for my wallet to be returned to me even if the money is gone, had all my identification + etc..

Lowes Pros: Good selection of products.

Lowes Cons: Lousy lazy employees, Bad service, Employees not answering the phone in departments, Customer service did not call bank.

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What do you want them to do? You left it in the bathroom, it isn't there anymore.

Must be stolen.

They can't go around emptying people's pockets or searching under every desk and aisle. Your wallet, your responsibility.

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