I have just closed my credit account with your organization. I am very disappointed with Lowes credit policies !!!

MY STORY: At your website on 8/27/2021 I purchased an Ego snow blower (Order # 87405**** - $914.97).

In due time the snow blower arrived (your tracking process is horrible). No snow yet but product appears to be excellent. During checkout I was offered and accepted on opportunity for a no interest six month payment schedule.

On September 2, 2021 Synchrony advised me that my statement was available online. I immediately visited their site and discovered that a payment of $944.63 was due on 9/23/2021.

No indication of any promotional activity.

I then immediately called 1-80*-***-**** and talked to a gentleman who offered me a 12 month interest free payment plan and indicated he would correct the autopay amount due figure to $80. A figure we agreed would pay off the snow blower within 12 months. I paid the remaining $29.66 I owed for some previous purchases. Several days later I checked and the autopay amount had been changed to $80.

A few days later I received a letter from Synchrony Bank that my payment due was to be $914.67.

I once again called 1-80*-***-**** and talked to a lady and discussed the bank letter. She checked and confirmed autopay was to be $80. Not to worry.

Today my Ally Bank was debited $914.67. That money was intended for my mortgage payment!

I called 1-80*-***-**** today and the lady said there is nothing they can do.

The payment was paid, the issue is now closed. No corrections can be made. I am astonished Lowes does not care to correct its errors.

Lowes has caused me undue stress and effectively cheated me out of the 5% ($45.73) I would have received if I had made a full one time payment.

Which due to your error I effectively did.

You should remedy this situation.

I dont believe representatives are grossly incompetent, but I do believe the Lowes autopay computer system is improperly programed.

Emilio S. Fanfan

User's recommendation: Don’t autopay if doing promotional financing.

Location: Meridian, Idaho

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