Beaverton, Oregon

I ordered a fridge on Nov 25th on their black friday sale and it's now Feb 3rd and I'm still waiting. I was told originally it would be 2-3 weeks and the every week they give me an excuse and say it's coming soon and I still don't have it.

lately for last month, they kept telling me it's going to be next week and when the next week comes and I call, they don't know why but it's next week again.

I don't know what to do, my fridge is not working well and I've been eating out a lot. I wonder what the true story really is.....

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I still do not have my washer and dryer. I purchased the week after Black Friday and paid in full.

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, United States #424389

I'm still waiting for the washer and dryer I ordered then too. I'm about to post this multiple times on their Facebook page, twitter, and maybe get local media involved.

This is an outrage. I paid in full.


You could see if they could give you a loaner fridge until yours comes instock.


If I were you, I would go back to Lowes and cancel your order and get your money back. Then you can go to Sears or somewhere else and buy a refrigerator that is in stock. You might spend alittle bit extra but you will save in not having to eat out all the time.


It has taken a while for me to receive mine as well, just imagine an appliance coming from Korea, much less the amount that lowe's probably sold at that price. I imagine they had a hard time fulfilling those orders.

The whirlpool appliances came in very quickly. They are made in the U.S. Easier for them to get! Next time buy U.S made products!

Plus if your fridge wasn't working well, maybe you should have found one that was in stock. For over 50% off you should expect a little wait!

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