Tuscaloosa, Alabama
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I am a home improvement contractor and spent over 100,ooo dollars in lowes last year ,i bought a HUSQVARRNA BLOWER on 12/11/07and used it twice to blow of roofs and it sat in my tool trailer until today 5/1/08 when i started it up it ran fine but would not blow ,I took it back to lowes in gloucester to exchange it for a working one but the best they said they could do was send it of for repairs but i need one for tommorrow so to *** with lowes in gloucester , carter lumber is closer than lowes in gloucester and home depot is just up the street from lowes im sure they will be happy to have my business,lowes will not make another cent from me nor will i send my customers there,this $149.00 blower will end up losing you hundreds of thousands,thanks for nothing, Karl Fox

Monetary Loss: $149.

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Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia #13892

Lowes must be hiding lots of money on their books with all the people I talk to daily that spend hundereds of thousands every year/month/weekend.... Of course it's when they want to return something, or get a discount, blah blah blah.

Swindon, England, United Kingdom #11282

hey roadhog, gloucester va. ya ma ***.

Toutle, Washington, United States #11183


Just because you spent"100,000" in lowe's (which i highly doubt) does not mean that the local store can break policy. The return policy clearly states on the back of your reciept that power equipment can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

After the 30 days, Lowe's policy is that it is sent for a repair, unless you paid for a replacement plan.... Blower's usually are less than $20 bucks extra... The replacement plan is made for your exact reason..

Surely someone as "business" smart as yourself could see the light!! So Blow yourself off buddy-boy!

Stafford, Virginia, United States #10730

I am rehabbing a duplex and bought $2,600 of kitchen appliances. Went back into the store in St. Petersburg, FL to ask the salesman a question and he was absolutely rude...cancelled the order and when across the street to Home Depot...bought two new kitchens and SAVED hundreds of dollars.

Saltville, Virginia, United States #10717

There is no Lowes in Gloucester. It is located in Danvers, MA

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