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Let me begin by saying I am a loyal Lowes customer. Recently my gas water heater went out.

I was interested in having Lowes bring a heater and install it at my home because they offer same day service if you call before noon. Last month I called at 10 am on a Monday. I spoke with a girl in the store about which heater I wanted and would like to have it installed that same day. She said an installer would call me.

The girl also told me there was a $35.00 charge to come out and look to see what size heater I needed and if it would fit. I explained to her I already picked out the heater on line and I already checked all the measurements and it would swap out perfectly. She said, Ok. Well we didn't hear from the installer at all that day.

The installer eventually called us the next day. (so much fro same day service). My wife stayed home from work in order to accomidate the installer. He came out and told us we didn't need a new heater that it was only the thermocouple.

He said he couldn't change it but his brother (who was also a plumber)could. He then charged us the $35.00 initial charge. Nor did he bring the water heater with him when he came out to fix it right then and there. He called his brother and then the Lowes installer left having done nothing but taking the $35.00.

After a few hours his brother showed up and pulled out the thermocouple. He said, It's not your thermocouple you need a whole new water heater. He then charged us $85.00 for coming out and doing nothing. I'm now out $120.00 and my water heater is still broken.

At this point I had gone three days without hot water. I stopped at Lowes in Summerville that on my way home from work and bought a 50 gallon, gas heater and ended up installing it myself. I couldn't wait any longer for hot water.

It was a horrible experience from start to finish and even though I am a loyal Lowes customer, not only in my personal life, but in my business as well - I will never, ever use a Lowes installer for anything ever again. At least from this store I won't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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West Point, Georgia, United States #668127

You never pay the installer anything. Everything gets paid to Lowe's and they pay the installer

to Employee Charleston, South Carolina, United States #668195

You are correct. The original Lowes installer did not collect the 35 bucks.

That was going to go on my card. The actual cash payout was the $85 paid to his brother who came in after the fact. In either event when a customer orders a new appliance ( hot water heater) it his job to replace that appliance. Nothing more nothing less.

He is not hired for his opinion.

He is hired to do the job he was contracted to do. Had the Lowes installer had done what he was contracted to do none if this would ever have happened and both

Company and consumer would have been happy.

to Employee Charleston, South Carolina, United States #668203

Lowers did come through, to their credit, and made restitution for the $85 and told me the installer in question would be taken out of the rotation of installers.

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