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my husband and I bought a bosch aqua star tankless water heater and a bosch washer and dryer. we bought the water heater three years ago this coming september and have been having trouble with it starting and have to continually reset it to get it to work.

we called to have it serviced and found out there is no one in our area that will service it which makes it pointless to have a warenty to have it serviced once a year as no one will service them so what is one to do then.we also have a bosch washer that isn't working and have the same problem and have had it made very difficult to get anyone here to service it also if i knew then what i know now i would never had bought a bosch appliance and am so upset that i want to return them where we bought them . i have'nt had the washer and dryer for a year yet and now have to go to the laundry mat to wash my clothes while i wait for someone to set up a service appointment. how long does one have to wait before something is done. beware of what you buy.

we live in oregon. has anyone else had anything like this happen to them

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I work for Lowe's and I truly do sympathize with you. I am in the Chicago area, and we have the same problems with tankless Bosch water heaters.

We at our store have NO ONE to install them, so basically, the poor customer, if they choose to purchase one, has to find their own installer. For this reason alone, I usually try to have them stay with the traditional upright "tank" style in an energy efficient model, be it gas or electric. The plumbers/service folks are also more adept at servicing these units if and when a problem occurs. The Bosch laundry has proved very reliable for us, so sorry you are having this problem.

Have you tried calling the Bosch #800 number? They could probably find a service provider for you if you are near a large city or town like Portland or Eugene.

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