Columbus, Georgia

Purchased a range and microwave in December. Installer COMPLETELY butchered the counter top when installing.

Finally, after about 30 phone calls, negotiations and haggling....I received compensation for the cost of new counter tops....BUT NEVER AN APOLOGY! It was constantly a "I'm waiting to hear back from them" answer. No sense of urgency on their part. Terrible customer service!!

See for's HORRENDOUS!! This was an installation that cost me $350, done by a "professional".

It will now cost me approx $1000 to install new granite counter tops. I won't every go to Lowe's again...and I've made sure all my friends know too!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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San Jose, California, United States #599454

Lowes is s great company . They should be suing you .

Since when is grantic made with wood such as your 50 plus years old counter tops .

You really should not have included the pictures . Just made yourself look *** .


Lowes should have told you no. Then when you get the better end of the deal you still are not happy.

That old junky counter top to Granite, pathetic. Oh and the issue wasn't the installer it was the fact your counter tops are at least 30 years old if not 40+


Those are laminate countertops in the picture. I know because we had the same exact counters in another house we lived in.

I understand being dissatisfied about damage being done to your home (we got no compensation or fact, we got victimized further by a large name plumbing company); however, I believe in being fair about complaints and what you expect.

The value of laminate and the value of granite largely differ and if they gave you granite countertops to replace laminate countertops and no apology and you have to put out 1,000 for installation then I'd be satisfied because those granite countertops add value to your home.

Warner, Oklahoma, United States #598383

Your getting new granite counter tops?

In the picture is not new counter tops

much-less granite!

Why you griping?

Simpsonville, South Carolina, United States #598206

Are you kidding?... I can't believe LOWES even went along with *fixing* anything on that awful looking countertop.

Now you have a NEW MARBLE countertop?... I think you got lucky! Lowes should have laughed in your face! YOU DEFRAUDED THEM!

HELLO? :eek :upset :cry :(

to WHATEVA Baltimore, Maryland, United States #601306

Right now Whateva, that counter top pictured is 20-30yrs old (***) press wood lam. You probably told the installed it was ok to damage it cause you were replacing it always.

And decided to Defraud LOWES. Shame on you.

Jamaica, New York, United States #598147

Looks like African American work to me. No need to give Lowes a bad name :grin

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #598145

I think Loews needs a website for *** customers. that counter top is over 50 yrs old and hand contact paper over top of it. I am Pissed at you, I do this kind of work and would have refused to install a new stove to that piece of *** screwed all of us not just Lowes :(

Columbia, Missouri, United States #598139

That is laughable. I don't think they owe you a thousand dollars.


Wow...I don't think that cheap counter is even laminate! Shame on you!

The only reason you got that money was because Lowes didn't want the aggravation of whipping your butt in court! Your counter was messed up & u deserved an apology, but you did NOT deserve that much money!!!!

Walnut Creek, California, United States #595966

Why are you complaining about an apology when you just raped Lowes into a granite countertop when you only deserved to get laminate as it shows in your picture. Installing a range would not "butcher" granite.

You do not deserve an apology for what you just swindled, you should be ashamed. And what's even worse, they probably passed that new countertop price onto the countertops company and they were not at fault. You disgust me.

It's people like you that take advantage of the retail industry by trying to get stuff for free, thus rising the price on the rest of us and putting sub-contractors out of business. Please respond to this, please.

to ???? Elmore, Alabama, United States #596315

My thoughts EXACTLY!!!!! SOOOOO obvious!!! OMG!!

Hull, Massachusetts, United States #595739

This post is confusing. You said you needed to pay $1,000 for new granite countertops, while your photos show laminate counters. Granted, the installer should not have been more careful, however those are not granite counters.

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