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Last July, I bought a GE washer and a 3-year extended warranty from Lowe's. By opening a Lowe's credit card account, I was given free delivery and $100 off the price of the washer.

The washer was never delivered because Lowe's outsourced delivery company went bankrupt, so I cancelled the order before I received the first credit card statement. Now I'm trying to get Synchrony, Lowe's outsourced credit card company, to drop the charges for the washer and extended warranty, but it has been an unending hassle. After several months, the charge for the washer was dropped, but the extended warranty is still outstanding, and a collection agency is now hounding me every night on the phone.

I am fortunate that I had only the two charges on the credit card, that I never paid the bill, so I don't require a refund, and I didn't activate the credit card when it arrived. Lesson learned: I will never shop at Lowe's again, or do business with Synchrony.


User's recommendation: Do not open a credit card account with Lowe's.

Preferred solution: Zero out the outstanding balance on my credit card, and then, cancel the account. I have a near perfect credit rating, and want to keep it that way..

Lowes Pros: Location and price.

Lowes Cons: Being at the mercy of the sales persons attention to eetail.

Location: 6101 Apple Way, Lincoln, NE 68516

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