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I bought a riding lwan mower yesterday at LOWES in Tullahoma ( 37388) and THOUGHT I was buying a NEW mower and when I get it home,it won`t even start so I can get it off my trailer and then I go to my instrutions ( papers etc ) and they are soaking wet and I find that I BOUGHT A 2016 instead of a 2017. I TOOK PHOTOS OF ALL THIS & am going to post everything on Social Media if I don`t get some satisfaction.

EVERYBODY was real great while I was looking at mowers & also when buying it but as soon as I leave and call back about the mower not even starting,IT WAS ALL DIFFERENT!! I have had to charge it everytime i cut it off to get it to start again. IS THIS REALLY THE WAY LOWES DOES BUSINESS ???

I have ALWAYS loved Lowes but they sure left a BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTH YESTERDAY The pges of instructions were stuck together etc etc I PAID FOR A 2017, NOT A 2016 !! ( and maybe even a USED one at that) PLEASE "HELP" jdphoto`

Review about: Husqvarna Lawn Mower.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I don't know that I have ever seen the model year posted on yard equipment. Just because you bought it in 2017 doesn't mean it wasn't made last year. Not like it's a car where the model year makes a difference for trade in value.


You complained on here...have you tried to...I don't to the store? Calmly?


Did ya'll hear about lowes new business model ? well what little customer service they do have is now getting farmed out to a call center so you can't complain to a store manager .

not only that but they are taking all the local contractor jobs floors , heating and air ,door installs and giving the installs to a company out of state !

that will be great service . on top of that all the deliveries will also be farmed out leaving no one accountable for damages to the product or home .

to philMcCrackin #1360928

I'm a store manager at Lowes and none of that is true. All hear say.

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