Rosedale, New York
Not resolved

Was looking for a generator after Sandy. .

.Lowes advertised a decent Generac on their website and said multiple were available in their Rosedale, New York store. . .I went ahead with the purchase and was fully charged within two minutes of hitting the submit button. .

.received the usual your order is in process email and should be available for pickup in 20 minutes. . .well, waited two hours or so for another email to say come get your generator, however none received. .

.called their 1-800-number to see what the deal was. . .nice lady on the phone got in touch with the store and came back to tell me their were no generators available. .

.asked for immediate refund and was told that was not possible, I had to wait for the store to cancel my order sometime in the near future and then the bank would credit me back my money on their schedule. . .

So Lowes sits on $700 of my money for a product they never intended to sell me. .

.this is worse than a bait and switch. . .it's a major corporation swindling me out of money.

. .

Monetary Loss: $705.

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