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I'm Pissed! I'm Pissed! I'm Pissed!,

This company and it's corporate staff ( )are a bunch of crooks, liars & cheaters . They lie & cheat too , too,

I don't even know why. They aren't making any money.( )

And they clearly have no respect or compassion for anyone ,no one or anything! Not even there own mothers( )

These company SUCKS! I'm Pissed ! ( So here it is. Boycott , Boycott , Boycott. Hit them where it hurts.

Do not purchase from Lowe's! This is one thing we can do to make them listen, change, Maybe give a Dam! I'm pissed!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Lowe's just closed a store in my community. They let the employees work their full day, on Sunday, then told them that the store was shut down. This store had 100 employees with families to take care of and this is the underhanded way that Lowe's treated them. I understand that in business you have to make these kinds of decisions, but you don't work your employees on Sunday and tell them to kick rocks on Monday. This is heartless and unconscionable. After reading about this in the AJC, I did a web search and found that this isn't the first time that Lowe's has done this to employees.

I've preferred shopping at Lowe's over Home Depot because I like the store layout better. There are other Lowe's within a 5 mile radius of where I live, however, since this is how Lowe's treats it's employees, I can't support such an unethical company with my dollars.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all of these former Lowe's employees. A better day and opportunity is on the horizon.

God Bless.


i have worked for lowes for 7 years, i love my job and i love the company. sure there are a few bad eggs but you find that in every company.

Lowes takes care of there employees and there employees take care of our great customers (for the most part). So please find something better to do with your time, you really think you can take down of change a company becuase you had one bad experience...Please :)


I'd rather shop at Lowes any day than shop at Home Depot that supports Homosexuality.


I know someone who met both of her husbands at Lowes. Yes she's a ***.


With the economy like it is any company should be gratefull a consumer is doing buisness with them. As for the employees of that company.... without customers the company would no longer need to employ them.Some customers are jerks,some employees are jerks,bottom line "the company needs the customers and the employees need the job" so drop the attitude and sell me something.

Tylor, Louisiana, United States #112625

The Lowe's employee is absolutely right. Believe it or not, consumers, I worked for them and always and I mean always the customer was number one.

I bent over backwards to give 110 percent. It is the *** in management that are the problem. They get rid of all the good employees, make sure they don't have to pay unemployment, and let the lazy employees stay. Yes, Virginia, there are good Lowe's employees, only ***, vile, evil managers.

J. Edgman in Bellingham is a good example. The management will lie, cheat, threaten, do whatever it takes. Don't be naive and think that "targeted termination", "selective firing" or whatever you want to call it doesn't exist.

I know I sound like I am kidding, but not all Lowe's employees are ***, uneducated yokels. I certainly would not call myself ***. I put seven years into that company. I had no problems until a certain 400-pound yokel manager made my life miserable.

Do you consider it a good manager when fatso sits behind the counter and screams across the room at a woman who wrote off a 97 cent paint brush to clean the key machine? That is kind of management we worked for. They let a female cashier come to work drunk every day. Alcohol or drunkenness is against company policy.

She finally got fired for poor job performance and ended up with unemployment, a disability and paid schooling. Can you imagine a drunk working as a veterinary assistant?


It's the customer that is wrong, but all the time we have to take care of the customer even if they wrong and won't admit it so what is the problem, you guess it, the customer is always right no matter what the problems are or is. Just remember that one thing you can get fire from your job because of the customer not because of your actions.

This is the Lowes way of doing things, with the store managers and below them. They think they can have more customers come if they gave all they want and more since they pay and spend to a certain point in there short life!!!!!!!!!!


What alot of people dont realise is that customer service or not, lowes employees are humans also, if you go in acting like something flew up your *** and treat the asspociate wth no repect you shouldnt expect great service. Try going to Home Depot and see how they treat you over about a company with unhappy employees....ive worked in both places.Lowes is better than home depot in SO many ways....funny thing is ive never spoken to anybody that disagrees


good luck, you *** ***.


I read your complaint and don't even know what your complaining about. I can tell you that Lowe's strongly makes customer service our number 1 priority.

We practically turn cart-wheels to make our customers happy. Maybe you talked to the wrong person that day. You should try going back and talking to someone again in a calm manner and maybe better results will come out.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with us. Were all human and we all have our off days and make a mistake time to time.


Nice complaint, but what was wrong, you sound like you goofed up and you are blaming it on them. If you were as clear with them as you were here, I can understand why you say that, they lie cheat and steal because their mouths are agape and can't belive your poor chose of words.

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