Austin, Texas

They are scamming consumers with cheap products then lying to cover their ***!

Every major appliance I've purchased at Lowes has broken down within a year and they refuse to remedy the situation.

They are also very rude about it. We bought a Bosch washer/dryer that litteraly fell apart within the first year. The glass door fell off the washer, the plastic around the doors cracked--have to use a large board against dryer door to keep it closed.

I recently bought a Samsung fridge, it's now just another large piece of *** that I'll have to pay to haul off-- it's less than a year old. The list could go on....

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buy extended protection plans next time. nothing is guaranteed to last anymore these days. then you wouldnt have this situation all the time

Tyler, Texas, United States #817002

you should get what you pay for. Most people live on a budget that you don't buy something unless you really need it. Then you expect it, to do what they say, If a product isn't what they say it is they should buy from some one else working people trust the stores to check out products before they sell them


and here's yet another *** that thinks the store, in this case Lowe's, created the products that he bought. I recently went food shopping at Walmart, I got some Cheerios which is made by General Mills. I guess Walmart had a little factory out back to create the products and they put the manufacturer's name on the box to look pretty.


Lowe's Guy, to my knowledge, neither Bosch or Samsung are U.S, companies, therefore you discussion of outsourcing is not relevant.


Your are about Bosch and Samsung. Lowe's didn't manufacture them.

Those items also come with a factory warranty.

Lowe's will offer an extended warranty which you obviously didn't purchase. Why complain about Lowe's and not bash the companies that actually made the products with which you are unhappy?


It is correct that The Manufactuer Warranties the product for a year. Lowe's offers an Extended Protection Plan.

Problem is twofold here. 1. This country outsources many products. why?

well, do we need to go there? 2. Expectaions: Used to be, we only required a washer to wash close and set the machine with a mechanical dial/s. Now consumers expect all digital heat sensing 1800rpm washers that do stuff that requires computerization to get done.

Take your PC and put it on top of your washer and you'll see what happens.

Buy the extended warranty if you want more than a years worth of coverage. It's like insurance.




then why do you buy things at Lowes

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