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I bought a new washer and paid $553 on 10/27/2014. Within days I found the washer was not working.

Lowes put me in touch with a service company, they came to fix it a few days later.

They said they will come back with a part. That "monday" came and went- and six more times they said-"part delayed", "waiting for part", then "part will be sent from another location", then "technician is sick".

I asked them to take back the washer and Ill pay for a new one' they would'nt do it. I'm going to buy one from Home Depot.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $553.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Lowes Cons: Service.

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What you need to understand is that the retail store you buy an appliance from is NOT responsible for the warranty on the product. It is the manufacturer that is responsible for the warranty repairs and sets up their network of service centers.

The service company you contacted is paid by the manufacturer, not Lowes to repair the product they made. If you had purchased the washer at Home Depot the same people would be out there repairing it.

Your complaint should be with the manufacturer of the washer, not Lowes. As a consumer you need to educate yourself as to who is responsible for the warranty on products you purchase.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #907949

Well, it is Lowe's phone number that I call, and Lowe's is the company that answers the call and directs it to the repair company. If that is the level of service Lowe's provides, it is obviously their service issue.

I cannot track down every manufacturer, and every repairman in the country to find out who is at fault. I paid Lowe's and Lowe's is the one responsible to review and answer the complaint. They are the only one that have taken the money and are responsible for a (defective) product.

Next time I buy something from your store, do you expect me to fly to China to track down a manufacturer, who may have a customer service rep in India, with a repairman in Mexico? Or should I just come to you?

You need to be in business to know how to take responsibility-not just hand it off to someone else who might be responsible, but you get to keep the money.

to mike #908172

Read your warranty. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer not Lowes.

The manufacture is the party legally responsible for the warranty repair. Retail stores act as a middleman to make it convenient for you to take delivery of a product from the manufacturer. In this case the also acted as a middleman in getting you in touch with the manufacturers approved service center. When you bought the washer it obviously had a manufactures name on it.

It also came with instructions, a copy of the warranty and a warranty card to send in. If you pull out that packet of information it gives you a number at the manufacturer to call for warranty service. Nothing to "track" down, you have all the information you need. You just chose the lazy way and called Lowes.

They helped you out in filing the claim with the manufacturer who is responsible for the repair and now all you do is complain. As a consumer it is YOUR responsibility to educate yourself as to how warranties work. Review the warranty before you purchase the product.

If you don't like the process (the appliance warranty calls for repair not replacement) don't buy it. You can always get a scrub board and wash your clothes by hand.

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