Thursday, December 24, 2020 7:04 PM


It is quite inappropriate, unprofessional, unethical, and lacks integrity to remove my old faucet and sink from my kitchen without replacement during this important Holiday Season. You guys are supposed to be the countertop professionals who have been working in this field for years and should have thought about contingencies prior to removing the faucet and sink from our Kitchen.

Due to your insensitive actions, my family is without one of the most important essentials for the kitchen: water, faucet, and sink.

How do you expect us to prepare food and clean dishes when water is not available because plumbing to the kitchen has been shut down. I spoke with your owner on the phone on Saturday 19Dec20; he assured me the countertop would be installed and completed by 23Dec20 ahead of Christmas.

We have guests and family members visiting, but we have no kitchen to entertain them. Yet, you guys are nonchalant, insensitive, and did not make any moves to meet the deadline set by your owner. To make the situation worst, you did not make contact with me to alert me that you would not be coming to the house to finish the incomplete installation.

This is HORRIBLE and AWFUL customer service to leave your customer hanging and not COMPLETE the work you have been PAID for.

If you cannot complete the work that you have been paid for and cannot fulfill the contract obligations signed since mid-September, 2020, there is a BREACH of the contract.


Samuel ___________________________________________________

Wednesday, December 23, 2020 3:03 PM


Custom Marbles installers did not complete the countertop installation on Saturday, 19Dec20. I spoke with the owner on phone who assured me the installation team would return today, Wednesday 23Dec20 to complete the installation. The paperwork signed clearly stated the team would return today, 23Dec20 to finalize the installation. One-half of the countertop is not installed and just laying on top of the kitchen counter.

It is now 3:10pm and I have not heard from anyone from the installation or Custom Marbles to know if they are still coming or not.

The owner assured me that the installation would complete before Christmas. I called your office a couple of times today and got your voicemail. We do not have the full functionality of our kitchen right now and have guests visiting us for Christmas. The kitchen faucet and sink have been removed.

We do not have water, plumbing, cannot do dishes, or cook from the kitchen.

This is really BAD customer service and we are very unhappy about this.

How do you leave an incomplete work on a customer site and do not make contact with the customer to finalize the project? I need someone to make contact with me and let us know if you are planning to complete the work we have paid for as promised.



Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

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