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the dryer is 3years old. my wife called lowes to get it fixed under the warrenty she purchased.

after waiting a week,a repairman came. he didn't even know how to take the dryer apart,he had to call someone on the phone to ask how to do it. finally he found the trouble. he ordered the parts before he left.

it has been 10 days since he was here and the parts haven't come in yet. I have been a customer for years,i even just bought 12000.oo dollars worth of kitchen cabinets from lowes but if this is how things are run you have lost all my business.

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So you have a 3 year old dryer and you expect them to have every part on hand? It doesn't work that way.

They order the parts from the manufacturer or parts supply house. Guess what? Sometimes they are out of stock and get backordered. Yes, it's inconvenient but it is also reality.

Wouldn't have been much different if you had bought the dryer at Home Depot. If they didn't have the part, you'd be crying about them as well.

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