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Had the inside of my house painted, a very professional and expensive job. My wife decided to put new flooring in the down stairs bathroom and laundry room. Went to Lowes for the flooring. The installers showed up, installed the floor on the correct day. After they left I noticed the toilet was plugged in the new floor bathroom, called Lowes to let them know. They contacted the installers stating they would come back in the morning to take care of the problem.

In the mean time I shut off the water to the toilet so nobody would use it. Used the upstairs bathroom to take a shower, little did I know they dropped the old wax ring seal for the toilet down the drain. This plugged the main line all the shower water, toilet, etc. from upstairs came out the toilet and flooded not only the new flooring but my living room, den, dinning room, and bedroom. Thousands of dollars of damage.

Lowes now wants nothing to do with me, since the installers are subcontractors. The store manager won’t even return my phone calls. To say the least, I don't think I'll be shopping at Lowes anytime soon.

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Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, United States #1096608

The installer has insurance to cover the problem if he does not sue lowes because all installer are required to carry insurance

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