Greensboro, North Carolina

I bought a lot of tile and other material at Lowes to have a contractor install. The tile ended up being about 4 different colors on my wall.

Some of the tiles are a dark brown, some are light beige, some even look greyish. Even the decorative tile had some dark brown and some light beige. Even the decorative tile some were dark brown and some were light beige. I have $3,000.00 invested in an awful looking shower.

Lowes will not reimburse me for this. They offered me more tile, which does not solve the problem. I do not have the money to pay someone to tear it down and reinstall it.

Thanks for nothing Lowes. Shop at Home Depot.

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I work at Lowe's and I can't tell you how often a customer comes in to *** about their tile or their paint not matching the others. You are supposed to mix things, to make it not noticeable when you open a new box or can.

It is not Lowe's fault that you didn't know that.

Don't be another dumb *** customer. Or go to Home Depot because we won't have to deal with your stupidity


Maybe you should take some responsibility and look at what your buying before paying someone to hang it. There is a such thing as "lots" when you buy tile.

I think your an ***.

Reading most complaints its just as much fault as the customer. Grow up.

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