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Check your receipts from Lowes in Winston Salem. Today they posted these cute little outdoor candle lamps for $3.00.

But they rang up for $4.00. Funny part- they were originally $4.99- so- someone put them in the puter for the wrong price. By the time the clerk sat and did nothing after "I " went and verified the price, I told her, never mind- it wasn't worth the hassle (she was going to call instead of "walking a yard" to verify the price.Small issue- but if they make mistakes with these small items, I bet there are bigger ones too!

I felt like I was not appreciated as a customer.

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The cashier, especially the outside garden cashier is not allowed to leave her register, that is the store policy. If she does leave her register she will either get written up or fired.


Not even going to consider the concept customer responsibility, eh? My brother has stated that when they are busy, customers grab associates en route to help other customers.

He said customers don't read which department you are specialized in, they just start talking and they often do this because they are impatient. They seem not to consider that there are other customers expecting to be treated just as kingly as the next. Now, if the store is slow, the associates should be working to assist the customer with a smile, but if the store is packed...people do their best! Limitations of reality, anyone?

My brother was called a wimp for turning on a fan today outside. The old lady with a cane called him a "wimp" out of the blue after she demanded he call and have an associate get her an item up to his register. (Cashiers aren't supposed to leave the registers.) He responded by saying: "Excuse me, ma'am." She repeated what she said. He explained that he had been out in the heat all day and he was the only cashier who did not complain about it.

She, the high and mighty customer, judged him (for turning a fan on to get a minor amount of hot air relief) as a "wimp". After he educated her about his work ethic, she was nicer to him and they had a pleasant conversation. Despicable human behavior is why 24/7, shiny & happy people don't exist. Society gets what if gives.

Be understanding and forgiving for someone having a bad day. There is a difference between having a bad day and being naturally rude. My brother and I despise the rude associates just as we do the rude customers.

We despise rude (and arrogant) people in general. Have you ever had a bad day?


Sad news- I overheard a conversation today from a total stranger ranting about Lowes and how they were left for over thirty minutes- waiting for help from a manager, who never came back; they went to Home Depot and were given top notch service! It is not just me being overly pretentious. People will pay a few cents more for polite and curteous service!



My brother is a good guy, but I'll bust him out for bad behavior, too. I seek adults of decent character in a pool of grown-ups acting like toddlers.

Customers should become better and more responsible adults when entering into contracts when they shop. People walk into that store, WANT something, demand it and expect it to happen instantly at their beckon whim. Policy may prohibit their WANT = Outcome: NEGATIVE. If I want someone held on trial to go free, I don't walk into a courtroom, pose as a lawyer and demand that he be free.

I am not a lawyer. I would be speaking about things I know nothing of. My brother wears a smile against some of the worst people our "civilized" society has to offer because his company wants more and more customers, all customers. Customers do pay him, but he is paid to assist them, not be their doormat!

He is doing this job and it allows him to pay someone else. In my business, I want decent customers. Customers of high character, not slime-balls who will argue me out of business or argue me down to make another decent customer pay more. I am shrewd in my contracts and the people I sell to like me because I am firm, fair and I take care of business.

It's in my contract with them.

Lowe's internal systemic problems and social immaturity are the problems and the person at the desk is the poor SOB stuck in the middle expecting to be helpful (more times than not), but being hit from the front and behind. My brother & I ponder our own behavior and that of others, perhaps it's time for others to do the same.



I don't who your brother is; however, I do know management. My worry as a customer is meant to help him become more profitable.

Better customer service = more revenue= a better review for him at the end if the year. Sounds like you are a sincere and caring family. Just remember that the customer is there by choice.

In this economy, the customer should always be first. Have a great day and use this as a suggestion to make Lowes a better place to shop- eh?



First of all, I worked in retail and I know what it is like to work retail. I worked retail for several years.

( by the wayit was a woman and I do not know who your " brother" is)Joe, I also know that customers should be treated as top priority. I understand that the computer was the main issue here. I felt like I was a hassle; I guess you would have understood if you would have been there. Oh, and my " you" error was not intentional.

I hope you don't take this message personally; I just think that customers should be treated with respect. Get someone to assist, or smile at the customer and say, " I'm sorry, let me get someone on that right away! If the customer is not happy, they will go somewhere else. Have a great day Joe!

And relax, this is not the end of the world. It's my experience that I am trying to share.


You should think about a few things before slamming people like my brother at Lowe's. Stop complaining to make yourself feel better and check this out: 1.

The cashiers can NOT leave the register because there is money there! They are told to stay there until relieved. 2. That means cashiers have to call the SPECIALIST in the department to get their judgment call and/or knowledge on what troubles you!

3. "On Sale" & "Clearance" aren't the same thing. My brother tells me all the time how he has to mark each clearance item down in the computer. If the item is on ON SALE or ON CLEARANCE they very well may have to mark it down manually because the computer is NEVER AWARE of HAND MARK-DOWNS.

After all that headache corporate has ready-made for the cashier and you, you jump down the cashier's throat about it all as if the cashier was personally out to ***. Maybe you should call the corporate offices and address these concerns to the people with some power and not ruin my brother's day.


She can't leave her register you dumb ***

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