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BUYER BEWARE: Lowe’s Deck Installation

Be aware that if you purchase a new deck with installation from the Northport, AL Lowe’s, what you agreed on and signed a contract for does not mean what you think it means. We had the sales rep for decks visit to give us a quote on installing a new deck.

He stood on our old deck that needed replacing, took many measurements and answered our design questions. We asked if we could possibly save some money by doing the demo of the old deck ourselves and he said absolutely. After discussing our concerns about demo {what we would be able to do}, he told us to just make sure we removed all the top planks and anything left {framing} they would “work with us on”. So, that is what we did.

We removed each plank, took out all nails/screws and created a pile in our driveway with the understanding that Lowe’s/contractor would haul the old deck off once the job was complete. We even had the haul away written in to our contract {Complete final clean up. Haul away all job related debris} when we went to sign and pay for the job. Please note: at no time did he tell us “hey, by the way, you will be responsible for hauling away your old deck”.

If we had been told that, we would have made arrangements for it and since this was a concern, it was written in to the contract. The contractor demolished the larger frame pieces and tossed everything onto the existing plank pile. The issue occurred over the definition and understanding of the term “clean up/haul away.”

At the end of the deck build, the contractor did not haul away the old decking. When asked, he said he wasn’t told to do that.

We called the store a few times trying to figure out what was going on. It was difficult to get a call back, even from corporate who we called too. The project coordinator we were assigned to did not call back either. Corporate did finally explain that “clean up and haul away” means the contractor would clean up any mess he made and haul away any leftover lumber not used in the new build.

That explanation did not make any sense. We explained that we had Lowe’s replace our countertops before and when they did, they tore out the old counters and disposed of them along with the new install. How could that term mean anything but the way we understood it to mean? That all the old decking would be hauled away since that is what was stated in the contract and is only logical.

After a week with no further contact from Lowe’s we went to speak to the manager and explained the situation. He apologized for the confusion and told us he would take care of it. We were very relieved to hear this and went home waiting for his call to schedule the pick up. Another week went by with no contact so we visited the store again.

This time we spoke with a different manager. She was very understanding, said she had heard about our situation and assured us that “they would make it right”. We were told that the delivery manager would contact us to schedule his team to pick up the leftover debris. After another week with no contact, we called the delivery manager to find out when they would be out and he had no idea what we were talking about.

He said he would look in to it and call us back, which he did and scheduled a pick up in just a few days. We were very happy and relieved that this ordeal would soon be over. However, the day of the pick up arrived and a single man came with a flatbed and a forklift. He took one look at the pile, took a picture which he sent to his manager and told him he would not be able to pick it up.

The delivery manager agreed with him and the man left. And that’s it. That was three weeks ago and not one single person, the sales rep, either store manager, or the delivery manager has called to follow up. Someone must know that the situation has yet to be resolved but no one has contacted us to offer any further options or solutions and we are left with an unmanageable pile of old decking sitting in our driveway.

We are so disappointed and frustrated with the entire process now.

We love our new deck but the experience has resulted in a very negative relationship with our local Lowe’s. Buyer beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This is the Northport Lowe's, fyi. Don't know why it says Coker.


The real problem nowadays is that these big box companies have become arrogant and pretty-much do as they please because even if they fail one customer others will still shop in their stores and have work done by Lowe's and their subcontractors. Anyone who has Lowe's or any other big box store do a job for them is misguided and not understanding just how badly they may be treated once they pay for the job.

In your case, you can pay someone to haul away the stuff and then sue Lowe's in small claims court for that amount plus any other expenses and inconvenience. However, that is a real "pain" and Lowe's counts on you not bothering. The other problem is that employees of these big box stores know that they can lie to customers with impunity and just ignore them, hoping they will go away. Best to get a local contractor to do a job for you and set the terms, etc.

and, of course never pay the full amount due until the job is done and you are satisfied.

Bottom line, again: stay away from Lowe's or any other big box store when you need a project requiring installation, etc. They can't be trusted.