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Last summer, I brought my dad a lawnmower we pay for it & we got warranty for they made it seem so great until you need to use they don't want to work with you. Don't get me started with the manger he was useless why sell products if you know it's junk.

The problem I have with the whole I understand you need a receipt when you purchase things, but why don't you put all your costumers information on the computer & why you lie to them. Now I'm going to have with work on my roof I don't even know if I can trust with this whole lawnmower situation.

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Return policy on lawn equipment is 30 days. No exceptions.

You'll have to go through the manufacturer. I suggest you start looking for the receipt or accept the loss.


Lowe’s computers only go back 6 months... did you think to put the oh so important purchase on a mylowes card which TRACKS your receipts?

No of course not.

The warranty company needs the invoice # off that receipt, period. So you need the importance of keeping a receipt when you’ve purchased a warranty explained to you???


Is this a problem of YOUR not having YOUR receipt as a proof of the date of purchase?

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