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Lowes - Microwave Review from Los Angeles, California

This was our first purchase from Lowes. Spent $1900.00 for range and microwave. Had to order in range. Was told different delivery date by 4 different people! Originally was supposed to be delivered 4/8/15. Last call was 4/7/15. Would be delivered 4/15/15! I'm on spring break! Would have to *** work for delivery! Cancelled order! The uncertainty of information provided by all employees was very disconcerting! Went to Sears, where we always buy our appliances. Bought frig, range, and microwave 4/7/15. Delivered today 4/9/15. Will never shop Lowes again!
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Problem with delivery

Lowes review in Los Angeles, California: Garden Center

Me and my husband are both disabled. We were in the garden center and asked for assistance. We waited more than 20 minutes and no one ever showed up to help us. My husband advised the cashier I had talked to and told her no one ever assisted us. All she said was "oh," and proceeded to call someone. My husband told her that we no longer needed assistance as he couldn't stand any longer and we just left. Lowe's employees need to understand that when a disabled customer requests assistance is because they can't do it themselves. We will shop at Home Depot as they have always assisted us with what we need.
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I have been to both Lowes and Home Depot and it is like night and day, Lowes employees are rude, hateful,disrespectful, and their moral is very low. Home Depot's employees are friendly, helpful, and treat you with respect. If it wasn't for the employees working for Lowes and their jobs, I would hope Lowes goes bankrupt and the management end up homeless because they deserve it.


The fact with Lowes is that the store is always short handed and most of the employees that they hire now do not know anything or they are lazy. Lowes not care about anything but the bottom line and the numbers.

they say they have an open door policy but it is a joke, the employee opinion surveys for the company have been going down drastically in the past few years because the managers abusew the employees so much, you can read the same thing all over the internet from so many stores about the abuse and unlawful firings that they have. To get ahead at Lowes you have to have no morals at all and you have to not care about people at all. That is Lowes new future plan, customer does not matter and you must not have any feelings for other human beings, they plan to implant chips in all there employees soon to shock them if they are nice to people and if they care about others. Lowes will soon be a company that used to exist, bankrupted because they did not care and had no heart.

Home depot is seeing this and re-training their people to compensate for Lowes lack of humanity in their stores. Shop at Home Depot the employees there are human beings and not abused monsters like Lowes are.


I agree bad service is never acceptable but get all the facts before you try to get someone fired which is what complaining to the manager can do. If you can not wait leave and go somewhere else.

You have the right to do that. But please do not place say all disabled people are like the poster. I to am disabled and I have a job and go to work everyday rather then live of the taxpayers. Not once have I used the disabled card in any store.

I feel regardless of your disability you should be able to do for yourself and not expect everyone to do things for you. If I can't stand long enough for the person to help me I will sit in the front of the store on the chairs they provide for their customers and let the service desk know I am sitting their and need help.

People will be more apt to go out of their way for you if you are nice. You do not sound like a nice person to begin with.


Being fat and lazy does not count as a disability,,Look at the 500 pound heifers riding around Walmart on those scooters and paying for their slop with food stamp cards,,,, :p


Whether you are disabled or not you may have to wait for service in a big box store. They have a minimal staff and those people may be tied up helping other customers.

Just because they are paged doesn't mean they are going to ignore the customer they are assisting and come running to you. Another fact is that what you may call 20 minutes may well have only been 5.

Most times when a store manager investigates a claim like this by reviewing the security tapes they find the customer has only been waiting a few minutes rather than the 20 to 30 minutes they claim. :cry :cry :cry


Disabled? The word for I'm a lazy phatfvck who can't do anything for myself?

My mom is legally disabled yet she would never behave in this manner. What I mean by that is she wouldn't act all entitled and mighty. She wouldn't post on a online forum crying about something she didn't have all the facts about. She would have eventually just did it herself!


After helping 1 2 3 4 5 6 who knows how many others you forget about that page. YOU CAN SOMETIMES SPEND UPWARDS OF 30+ MINUTES WITH JUST 1 PERSON. BE patient, find someone else! Don't just stand around going I'm disabled I can't believe this.

DO FOR YOUR *** SELF! It's one thing to be disabled it's another thing to use it as a crutch to be lazy....Most people wouldn't even be disabled if they properly took care of themselves when it came to health and fitness.


I have so much more I would love to add to this topic. I forget that you disabled people know everything!

You would never forget about a page that just happened a few minutes ago when you are being bombarded by questions! I would like to add other possible thing occurred. A fair amount pages go unheard. At least once a month we page our manager and he doesn't respond, want to know why?



John N

It doesn't matter if you are crippled or not, there really is no excuse for this kind of service. I would have gone straight to the manager's office and complained.

I urge you to at least send an email to Lowe's corporate and tell them what happened.

They might just forward it to the Lowe's store manager, but they really need to know someone has fallen down on the job. You might want to try Home Depot or Menard's.

@John N

email and tell him what happened to you, he may help you, maybe!!!!!!!

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Lowes review in Los Angeles, California: Flooring Products

Installer's very professional and kind. Wood product was acclimated, moisture test was done. Installer proceeded to open boxes and found bowed wood. Changed wood to be installed x 3 times now with wood product being junk!!! When purchasing wood I felt the girl just wanted to sell me the wood. Wood product should be inspected before leaving warehouse (opening at least 3 boxes). Very frustrated! Thank you to the head installer who didn't just go ahead and install the junk product to make his money. Honesty goes a long way. I will not refer Lowe's to anyone. I will refer the installer for side jobs.
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Lowes is garbage

Theres a lowes down the street from my house here in temecula, ca. The customer service in this place is crahp! The people are rude, hostile and arrogant. They dont care about you and they make sure that you know it. They clearly dont like their jobs because if they did, they'd take pride in it. Lows as a company is trash as well. Any company that supported Rush Lamebafoon's comments about women being *** is careless and and hedonistic. Obviously they dont care about their public image thats why they're complete *** as a company...
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why did they take out customer service and put it in returns? that's the stupidest move ever lowes is just going down hill.

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Lowes review in Los Angeles, California: Lowe's doesn't care about customers

I have had several negative experiences with Lowe's within the last year. 1) the interest rate charges by GEMB is outrageous. When I contacted GEMB to see about lowering the interest rate they were absolutely uncooperative, so I closed this account. Lowe's should not use GEMB (nor should any other retailer). Their interest rates are unreasonable and not in keeping with the rest of the economy. I realize it is GEMB charging the rate, but Lowe's should not turn over the credit aspect of their business to such a notoriously horrific credit processing company! 2) Lowe's does not stand behind their products. I bought a clothes dryer that broke within the first three months and wanted it replaced, but instead my only recourse was to have it (poorly) repaired. It has since broken twice more, outside warranty. Forget Lowe's - my son has been able to fix it both times, at no charge and without lame excuses, waiting on hold and being disconnected. 3) rude employees. I just had a very negative experience with an employee who was supposedly in 'customer service' that I came up against when trying to return a product that failed to work. I eventually got a refund, but that was after much huffing and puffing, overly dramatic keying in of my credit card number, sighing and slamming of cash drawer after retrieving my $8.14 cash refund. Who needs this place?
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I find it amusing that you want to return a 3 month old appliance like it is a tshirt that didnt fit. How would your car dealer handle this?

Yeah bring it back and we will give you a new car.

No they warrant it. I agree that the cashier was rude with you slamming drawers and huffing and puffing must have ruined her day.

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Lowes Warranty

Lowes review in Los Angeles, California: LOWE'S DISRESPECTS VETERANS

Today I was appalled to find that Lowe's will not accept my federally issued military ID (with picture, address and SS#!) as a valid form of ID. We live 1/2 block from the store and shop there several times a week. Between personal and business needs, we spend at least $20k a year at this store! I was returning a ceiling fan bracket (same box, wrong model, exchanging really) and a light bulb for which I had a receipt, and a couple of switch plate covers ($8). A couple days ago I noticed that I had misplaced my driver's license (it's probably stuffed in a drawer or pocket). My husband has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and getting a replacement just has not been a priority this last week. I gave the cashier my military ID, at first she accepted it but it uses my SS# as the ID number. I gave her my DL#, something I memorized decades ago. She then refused to accept my ID. I asked if photocopy of my license would do and she said yes. I went home and printed the COPY of my license that had just been used to purchase real estate in a another state, got my birth certificate, the paperwork to my disabled parking placard, a DMV receipt for my license with the license number and went back...mad. The same cashier did not look at any of the documents, except the PHOTOCOPY of my DL...which had the NUMBER blacked out. Instead of verifying the DL# on the other documents, she asked me to give it to her VERBALLY (which I had done the first time) and processed the return. I had come to replace the ceiling fan mount, get a light fixture and order sod for the back yard. I then told the manager I would be going to Home Depot for those things after he refused to consider how ludicrous the entire experience had been...or even apologize..and sided with the clerk. I went to Home Depot, where they not only accepted my military ID to verify my PLATINUM credit card, but also gave me a military discount! PS...I had a US Navy ball cap on my head at the time too! My husband risked his life for 30 years to protect unreasonable people like those who run Lowe's. The manager there makes exponentially more money than my husband ever made, with no risk to his life and without being deployed 2/3 or more of every year. My husband suffered 2 amputations and other physical injury due to his service, and Lowe's won't even accept my military ID to return a couple of items! The would, however, accept a PHOTOCOPY of my DL with the NUMBER obscured! Really? Beware military vets...your federal ID...which is supposed to be good in all 50 states, is not good at Lowe's. They want your state issued DL in stead, good only in ONE state. Lowe's: You should be ashamed of yourselves! You lost a good customer.
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i was going to post a complaint i had with lowes but after reading some of them it seems like this page is run by lowes employees who enjoy insulting the consumer. I guess these *** don't understand without us customers you *** wouldn't have a job.


Lowe's can't accept a military ID when trying to return an item without a receipt. They track those kinds of returns with your Driver's License#.

If you return without a receipt too many times, the system will not allow you to return anything else. It's just a way that Lowe's is trying to preserve its business because there are people who steal and try to bring stolen items back...everyone suffers for what those people do.

Maybe Lowe's should just stop accepting returns without a receipt...


Lowe's requires a VALID STATE ISSUED I.D. Not federal.

They track returns off the DL number. People should start saving receipts, then they would not have so many problems making returns!


Obviously you don't read well...had a receipt, making a return WITH receipt..made purchase with credit military ID was accepted as ID when I made the purchase.


my husband was NOT drafted-he enlisted and re-enlisted over and over again (for *** people like you)

he spent 9 months our of EVERY year flying over hostile territories risking his life for 30 years

he missed his children's births, and the deaths of 2

he was a prisoner of war, was welded in and out of an iron coffin for months and tortured.. and still RE-ENLISTED

The only reason I mentioned his current health was that when I noticed my license missing a few days before, I did not go immediately to get a new one because we are spending 6 hours a day doing chemo and radiation (for a cancer he got because of his service, but I did not mention that before)

You are so sad that you have nothing better to do than troll these complaints, reading (poorly) and commenting on something that seems to have nothing to do with you

This is about not accepting a legally valid FEDERAL ID..the same ID they have always accepted when I MAKE a purchase...but accepting a COPY of my DL with no number on it instead! all for a return of $40 that I wanted returned to my credit card (which I had with me)

I have gotten an apology from Lowe's HQ, apparently it was a matter of 2 s*****d employees and one s*****d "manager" who did not pay attention in training and critical thinking.

As amusing as the comments from *** are, I am not wasting any more time..but, before I go...before you chime in, try to actually read and understand the information before saying s*****d things!


Almost perfect complaint! Has all the elements: Mention military service and medical ailments which have nothing to do with the story, complain about trouble with returning a product that you bought, draw some really dramatic asinine conclusion, completely exaggerate the amount of money you spend there, since after all, you should be treated differently (several times a week?

Really? You go to Lowe's every day?), threaten to go to a different store, go on and on about how you fought for this country and you're being taken advantage of (I thought soldiers were tough).

Overall, great job OP!

My only suggestions is you should've insulted the staff over their age, competence, customer service skills, etc and you should've said you've been going to that store for 70+ years, but never again. All and all, it was a really good complaint.


I'm confused, were you making a return without a receipt or making a purchase without a state issued ID?

Everybody has problems, what makes you think that you are any better than anyone else?

I get so sick and tired of people complaining about how they have this disease or that disease. Life happens, heck I work with a lady that has beaten cancer and her son died. You don't hear her using that as an excuse. So your husband was drafted all 30 years by the US government, or did he choose to make a career out of the military and reenlist himself.

I've got a buddy who went to war and never came home, so count your blessings your husband is still alive to listen to your little pathetic complaint of poor customer service. Why don't you put your focus on more important things and stop generalizing one incident and assume Lowe's is disrespecting veterans.


A military ID is a valid form of refuse to accept it IS disrespectful. especially because instead of taking a test that just about anyone can pass, a military ID is earned by risking your life and, until recently, being paid below the poverty level for doing so. The federal government deems it a legal, valid form of ID.

Besides, the argument is rather ***. If Lowe's refused to grant me the same privileges that they would a man..because I was a woman...that would definitely be not only a crime, but disrespectful at the least. According to the manager it is a company policy, therefore, it is perfectly reasonable.. and logical... to generalize the action toward the whole company.

Spoken like someone who has never had to risk their life and family for their country.


I sympathize with your trouble making a return, but the conclusion you draw from this incident is that "LOWES DISRESPECTS VETERANS?" It seems that you could also have made a conclusion that "Lowe's disrespects the handicapped," or "Lowe's disrespects women." Because you had this bad interaction you think it is fair to generalize about the entire company? I hope wherever you choose to shop from now on doesn't have one incident to make you decide that they hate all humans. Letting a single incident speak for entire organizations could leave you growing all you own food and living a hermit's life.

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Lowes review in Los Angeles, California: Unfriendly,Unconcerned Terrible Service

Feedback Dept: Lowes Complaint, 11-17-11 I have had the worst experience in customer service today ever. I am 50 years old and know what good service can look like. Before describing the incident I will start by saying that this store has had horrible service for the 2-3 years I have been dreadfully going. Visiting store # 0056 is always my last option and I normally drive out of my way to Home Depot. Here is a partial list of what service looks like when visiting Lowes:- Failure to greet patrons, unfriendly and unconcerned about customers, unavailable to help - too busy with pricing or stocking inventory, employees grouped in 2 or 3's talking, never make eye contact which would commit to greeting or helping. The rare occurrence of assistance is where the associate points to the other end of store without aisle reference and returns to stocking shelf. Excellent way to chase off customers and their friends "" congratulations.- Occurrence: Checkout lineWhile scanning the items for final checkout, the clerk asked if I would like to sign up for a Lowes membership card and save a percentage on the bill. I said absolutely not because this store sucks and that I only shop there when it's the last option. Not getting the clue of having an unsatisfied customer on his hands, he then says which I quote "Since you will not be coming back, how about signing up anyway to get the savings." the clerk asked me a total of there times to sign up. Are you kidding me? This is the mentality of your workforce. Bottom line: Lowes management is pathetic and a disgrace to the business community. It sickens me to even spend the time to write this grievance. However, this new level of lousy, insulting service had to be shared with your company, my coworkers, friends and beyond. In case you are unaware, word of mouth is the strongest and most lasting type of advertising. As a send off, your online comment page refused to register due to the receipt not listing the proper code "" I expected nothing less. Store # 0056 14873Terminal 1611-16-1111:56:49Sale # S0056BR1 759614 11-16-11Manager: Patrick Cosley
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I bought a Whirlpool Front Loader from Lowe's May 2009; started having problem with it January 2010. Was fixed (company who fixed it left tool marks on it). Forward to October 2011, same problem, called Lowes extended warranty service (I purchased a 4 year plan). Company called Fosters Appliance in La Crescenta, CA came out (useless prople). Service guy from Fosters looked at it, didn't do a thing. Excuse -- because the cover was off, it voided the service contract. Called Lowe's -- basically they will not fix it. I'm stuck with a 2 1/2 year old washer that won't work. Will never purchase anything from LOWEs again.
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you tried to fix it and could not. you took it apart you put it back together, that simple, or no warranty.


This sucks. I am a servicer and it really is up to me to make or break the repair.

It was the lazyness of the company that came out to say its voided for the top being off.

I would have not allowed that to stop me. Don't blame the company but the servicer that came out that was too lazy to get out of his own way.


WARNING!! Do not buy any protection plans from Lowe's!

I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher here and the control panel started cracking. I called Lowe's because I bought a 4 year protection plan to get it replaced. They informed me that it was COSMETIC and would not be covered. I called to get a replacement and low and behold I have to buy the whole control panel because it's made all together.



they sell junk who and are tryhing to protect the cash they stole from you dumba*s.

You must be some pathetic Lowes spokesman.

John N

So, why was the cover off? Were you attempting to fix it yourself?

Of course this voids the service contract.

You have a service contract and are supposed to let THEM fix it. Not you.

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Lowes review in Los Angeles, California: Animals

Lowe's allows dogs in the stores on leashes with their owners to shop, sight-see, hang out. But they would not allow an employee of their to bring in a starving, dehydrated cat found dying in the parking lot (and the cat was put in an animal carrier) to be out of the 115 degree heat in Phx, AZ, just to be safe for two hours while the employee finished her shift (and she was going to take the cat home with her). What is wrong with this story? Lowe's, where is the compassion for a dying, lonely, poor cat? How would this have hurt anything at your store or compromised any security, or hurt any other employees? I'm sorry, but this has changed my whole thinking about your company. THIS MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH.
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My two children have allergies. Yesterday, my husband and I made a trip to Lowe's for a few necessities.

We spotted two dogs, with two different owners. Both dogs were smaller, and in the buggy. I do not want my children around dogs at our home, or anyone else's home, therefore: we do not own dogs. My son has to have allergy shots, since the situation has gotten worse.

I have to constantly dust and limit his exposure to the world outside. Lowe's is not a place for animals. There are too many situations that can arise from this. My family and I have no issue with service animals.

But, when my son is sneezing and pouring tears from his eyes, there had better be a good reason for it.

These dogs can ***, use the bathroom and cause someone to fall, fleas, urinate on products, leave fur behind, and cause my child misery. I do not want to see animals harmed in any way, but they do not belong in any business, unless they are a service animal.


The policy is SERVICE animals not random pets, dogs, animals. Service animals meaning they provide a service to HUMANS needing their assistance


Well I think all these stores are being lax on letting pets in the store- it should be all or nothing and in my opinion nothing. I once saw a small dog in SUBWAY!

The appropriate actions for this employee of Lowes would have been to call Animal shelter to come, provide water from the fountain or something, the police if animal welfare was unavailable or closed, the local spca, a local vet hospital, or a family member to come get the cat. If it was dying already than bringing it inside lowes would not help it survive. I love animals and know I would call for help or leave work sick and take the animal home.

I honestly am completely annoyed with people who carry their pets around stores because they are small. If I brought my 150lb dog in I guarantee any store would have a fit that lets a small dog slide. The whole policy is ***!


First of all you said Lowes allows dogs. Dogs you say. So lets say there are 14 cat hating dogs in Lowes and they allow a cat in. What do you think would happen.

Now back to normality. Lowes is way out of line allowing dogs in there stores. Which little child will get mauled and they get sued for millions before they stop the stupidity of allowing dogs in there store.

Flea infestations in their stores are highly likely and probably will be. I have seen dogs snip at a child's hand.

Pit bulls are known to attack children that are very nice animals because studies show that they think the child is another animal infringing on it.

I have seen a chiuahua use the bathroom on the floor and wasn't on a leash. Oh wait why can't people just shop without their dogs. When did this nonsense come into society They didn't do it 15 years ago.

Rotwielers in Lowes what is he doing picking out the kind of wood he wants for his dog house.

If a child looses it finger or fingers or hands I wonder what Lowes' policy will be on dogs hanging out in their stores then

By the way I like Lowes the managers are nice the employees are nice and are very helpful but their policy on animals in the stores STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First,I hate Lowes as well! Now that that is out of the way, I work in a large retail store and as sad as it is I know where they are coming from.

My store was shut down by the cities health inspector. He was not even working, just shopping in the store when he saw a small dog in a shopping cart. Because we sell a small amount of snacks and food it was considered a health hazzard to have an animal in the store. Its sad, but I do not blame this store for looking out for its own good.

I do think the least they could have done is try and make some sort of accomadation for the cat though.

Just my 2 cents. Oh and BTW I still hate LOWES!

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Lowes false info from cashier and manager

I was going to purchase a CharBroil quantum Gas grill Saturday, June 12 and was told by a young lady at the register that I could get a free re fill and she asked her csm lady who was at the product pick up desk and the csm approved. I told her I did not have my tank with me to exchange so I told her I would bring in the tank Sunday to do the free refill exchange so she said ok. I came in with my tank for the exchange the following day Sunday morning and wanted to purchase the Quantum grill so I went to the register and it was a different young lady being another day and shift obvious, I explained to the cashier reason I brought the empty tank so I could get the free refill they had promised me from Saturday evening and they told me it would be no problem on Sunday. I was denied. I wasted my time and gas, I lugged a tank around for nothing. Sadly i should have gotten it in writing. I do not trust them anymore as the cashier who denied this deal i was promised by Lowes the day before showed pleasure in her denying me what was promised to me. Poor service, never returning and will spread the word to my friends and home owners.
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The cashier should have rung you up for a free propane tank and marked it NL ( not loaded)so that when you went back to pick it up, all you had to do was show them your receipt.

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Lowes Cashier