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Lowes in Los Angeles, California - On line Payment Portal-No Due Date displayed-Scam for Late Fee

My paper statement was misplaced, I'm at work knowing soon the balance is due to avoid being charge interest. , I log on to Lowes Payment Portal from work to view m current account details, When is the Statement due Date? , view when the remaining balance is due. I spend 25 minutes searching for the pdf current statement,. Nothing there ! but a prompt to enroll in E-mail Statements and discontinue paper Statement. . Getting more frustrated to only Read " NO Payment is Due... and a balance of $88.87. The system is deliberately concealing, 1) the Due Date, 2) States "No Statement is available to review, and pay by What date to avoid any late fee, or unnecessary High Interest charges. My Home Depot , Visa, Amex, etc all provide on line payment Portals containing viewable/printable pdf of current and past statements. The DUE DATE is prominently displayed, along with balance to avoid any interest fee's. Lowes deceptively states NO Payment is due... in order to charge me, and millions of other consumers usury rate interest by confusing the consumer, withholding important accounting details so we , A) miss the due date and get hit with a $38.00 Late Fee + enormous interest... This failure to prevent the consumer from viewing important key payment details is by design . I will no longer use my Lowes card, and only Amex for future Lowes Purchases. Furthermore, the Agent hung up on me when I called to complain and ask when is the Due Date for my Statement, he kept urging me to sign on for E-mail future bills that would discontinue my paper statement. I will never go to this method . Lowes system deliberately leaves due date so they built in missed payment and huge interests fee's to increase the bottom line on the backs of the unsuspecting consumers by the millions... This is obvious..
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If you have deferred payment, double check when the time is up. Mine was April but showed up on March statement that deferral was over. We had a deck built, my balance was a bit over 2,000, my interest was 2300.


synchrony bank manages lowe's cards. two times they either failed to send a bill, or it came late.

each time i was charged more in fees than i had ever saved with their 5% discount. same thing happened with my murphy USA card.

now both cards are cut up in fine pieces in the trash. never happens with other cards and they also offer discounts.


Geez... pay the $88.88 already and be done with it!

Then maybe you can pay your boss back the $10.00 for the hour you stole from him for the 25 minutes you took for your personal business and the time it took to write this review.

By the way... Lowe’s doesn’t get the interest due on the cridit card, Syncronicity bank does.


Shilling for Lowes? Are you trolling for them Lowes, Or the Bank?

Which one of these Criminal Cabal Enterprises are you working for to search out legitimate negative remarks? Why are you taking the time to write dumb responses that don't concern you? It is Consumers Legal Right,Regulated by many Federal Laws, FTC etcc...

many Regulations governing this... for credit card customers to receive detailed Account information, such as the *** Due Date disclosure !

@Los Angeles

I work for the individual. I’m not the one doing business, therefore, complicit in supporting these “Criminal Cabal Enterprises “ as you put it.

I will point out their fallacy to anyone whom is a willing participant in the bondage such organizations place the individual in. Take responsibility for your actions, payoff your debt and borrow mo more.

Besides... the due date was disclosed in the paper statement the OP received.


Lowes has nothing to do with the account. Call the company that issued the card.

If you know your payment is due soon why don't you just make a payment?.

You must share part of the blame. They sent you a bill that you couldn't keep track of.

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Lowes Credit Card
  • On line payment portal omits statement
  • I can not contact corporate-low level phone support only
  • Customer service and inability to leave feedback
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On line Payment Portal Omits Due Date to charge Interest Fees
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Let the company propose a solution

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